In Realm Grinder, you first decide your Alignment:, to be a good king, an evil tyrant, or neutrally neither. Purchasing one of the Proofs will determine your alignment and enable you to join its Factions.    

Alignment Proofs
Name Factions Cost In-game Description
Goodproof.png Proof of Good Deed Fairy






Give yourself to the Good side, unlocking good related features. The Good alignment is oriented to a more active gameplay, focusing on spells and treasure clicks.
Evilproof.png Proof of Evil Deed Goblin


Turn yourself into a villain, unlocking Evil related features. The Evil alignment is oriented to a more idle gameplay, focusing on steady and passive building production.
Neutral.png Proof of Neutrality Titan


10 Qa (1E16)Gold Embrace the peaceful Neutrality, unlocking neutral related features. The Neutral alignment is eclectic and versatile, not focusing on a single aspect of the game but picking something from all of them.

Leges[edit | edit source]

Referring to Laws in Latin, starting at R100, 3 new Alignments will become available which work in conjunction the existing Alignments. Each alignment has 1 new spell and 3 new Unique Buildings, for a total 2 Unique Buildings for each Faction.

Leges Proofs
Name Factions Cost In-game Description
Good Evil Neutral
Order.png Proof of Order Angel Undead Titans 1 Qa (1E15) Emerald Determine your rulership in an efficient and stable fashion, making the best out of well-planned strategies to let your realm grow even further.
Chaos.png Proof of Chaos Fairies Demons Faceless 1 Qa (1E15) Emerald Resign your will to eternal entropy that forms and maintains the world itself, prospering in the glory of extreme bursts of random fortune.
Balance.png Proof of Balance Elves Goblins Druid 1 Qa (1E15) Emerald Avoid fixating yourself to the rules while not falling to madness as well, Take advantage of everything you can gather and maximize your gains with any possible means.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The Prestige factions Dwarf, Drow, and Dragon are slightly different, they can only be allied in addition to a faction of the same alignment. They will show up only after the alliance of the first allied faction has been purchased.
  2. The Mercenaries can be allied with any alignment. Once unlocked, their trade treaty shows up in all alignments, along the other factions trade treaties.
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