Artifact sets

Artifact Sets are upgrades that work similarly to bloodline, they can be only bought at R100+ and once you get all the faction related artifacts.

The Artifact Sets Edit

see Excavations for info on how to get the artifacts

Artifact Sets
Faction Artifacts required Effect Formula
Fairy set Pink Carrot, Bottled Voice, Silk Cloth. Increase Farm, Inn and Blacksmith production based on number of assistants owned. Formula: $ (0.75 * x ^{0.75})% $  where x is number of assistants owned.
Elven set Lucky Clover, Mini-treasure, Raw Emerald. Increase all building production based on total amount of Elven Lucks triggered (This R). Formula: $ (0.66 * x ^{0.6})% $  where x is amount of Elven Lucks triggered.
Angel set Pillar Fragment, Divine Sword, Fossilized Wing. Increase mana regen based on spells cast this game. Formula: $ (0.32 * x ^{0.32})% $  where x is spells cast.
Goblin set Ancient Coin Piece, Goblin Purse, Spiked Whip. Multiplicatively increase gathered faction coins based on time spent this game if they don't match faction or bloodline. Formula: $ 1 + (0.01 * x ^{0.7}) $  where x is seconds this game.note: In-game tooltip is off by one.
Undead set Rotten Organ, JawBone, Dusty Coffin. Additively Increase max mana based on offline bonus. Formula: $ 35 * log(1 + x) ^{3.25} $  where x is offline multiplier.
Demon set Demonic Figurine, Demon Horn, Crystallized Lava. Increase non unique building production based on the sum of your faction spells activity time. Formula: $ (0.25 * x ^{0.75})% $  where x is your faction spell activity time.
Titan set Huge Titan Statue, Titan Shield, Titan Helmet. Increase Unique building production based on time spent this game. Formula: $ (0.07 * x ^{0.7})% $  where x is seconds this game.
Druid set Glyph Table, Stone Of Balance, Branch of the Life Tree. Increase production of all buildings based on their quantity. Formula: $ (0.65 * x ^{0.65})% $  where x is building count.
Faceless set Translucent Goo, Octopus-shaped Helmet, Nightmare Figment. Increase the production of all buildings based on the highest amount of spells cast in a single game. Formula: $ (0.32 * x ^{0.28})% $  where x is number of spells cast.
Dwarven set Dwarven Bow, Stone Tankard, Beard Hair Increase assistants based on your Royal Exchange bonus. Formula: $ (2.5 * x ^ 0.75)% $  where x is royal exchange bonus.
Drow set Ceremonial Dagger, Arachnid Figurine, Poison Vial Increase Mana Regeneration based on Evil spells cast (this R). (additive) Formula: $ (50 * x ^ 0.5) $  where x is total evil spells cast (this R).
Dragon set Dragon Fang, Dragon Soul, Dragon Scale Increase the production of Non-Unique buildings based on Faction Coins found in this game. Formula: $ (16 * log10(1 + x) ^ 2)% $  where x is Faction Coins found.
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