In Realm Grinder, Assistants auto-click passively once every second for 5% of your clicking reward and helps gather coins and Faction Coins. Depending on the upgrades and spells in use like upgraded Fairy Chanting, this income can potentially eclipse standard building production.

Attention! 'Assistants help passively' means that they do not really click, and do not affect your Productive or Automatic click statistics. They simply influence your income, proportional to clicking reward.


The display in the bottom right corner of the interface. Displays assistant count and total income/production.

Where? Edit

Cosmetically represented by different little creatures for each faction, they can be found in the task-bar, and based on the total count, up to six can also appear in a ring at the center of the background image (screenshot of a single assistant at the top of the ring) [Alternative needed]. Prestige factions will have their assistant icons will appear alongside the original faction's, but this has no effect on gameplay. Hovering over the icon will bring up the tooltip, above, listing the number of assistants and their total production.


Assistants in visual order: Default (No-faction), Fairy, Elf, Angel, Goblin, Undead, Demon, Titan, Druid, Faceless, Dwarf, Drow, Dragon and Mercenary.

How? Edit

You will get the first assistants[1] after the first and second building tier upgrades ( = 5th and 25th building of the each type), except for the Hall of Legends which give none.

Assistants can also be bought, or increased, through Upgrades, Faction (Undead, Demon, Fairy, and the neutral Faceless and Druid), the Heritage for the Undead faction, and the Assistant Squasher Secret Upgrade. After certain thresholds of Reincarnation, some are provided freely through Challenges, and later, others through Research upgrades.

Typically assistants accumulate over time; the longer the run (this game), especially the Undead Heritage and Druid Faction upgrades, and the higher the building count(s) for the Undead, Fairies (3,1), Demons, and Faceless regular Faction upgrades.

Production Income Edit


Having many assistants can be a powerful asset and can completely overshadow your actual production!

You can see the "Coin per Second per Assistant" in the Production tooltip by hovering over the sand clock icon on the left side of the taskbar.

The five affiliations above will specially take advantage of them, however out of the three vanilla factions, the most notable is the Fairy one due to the spell Fairy Chanting which once upgraded, triples their number; they also get access to Holy Light and Diamond Pickaxe (once prestiged). The Undead get them first with their second group of upgrades, but they are not particularly powerful and based on run length which is slow; the same goes for the power of the Demons[2]. Their saving grace is the Drow, which have incredibly strong upgrades for their assistants. By contrast for the Good-aligned Fairies and Elves, Dwarves previously got use out of the IGOT upgrade, but this has fallen out of favour as of 2018.

Of course with Mercenary combinations, cross faction upgrades will be an immense help. Assistants are usually buffed with Fairy Chanting again, and used alongside the Blacksmiths in "Forge" merc builds. Assistants provide a certain level of Faction Coins from clicking by themselves, but in merc builds this will be further augmented with either Diamond Pickaxe's chance multiplier for maximum effect, or Lightning Strike's direct FC gain as an auxiliary source.

Trophies & Upgrades Edit

Note that it can be painfully long to get the +300 assistants trophies before unlocking mercenaries.

Assistant Trophies
Name Unlock Requirements
Assistant Solo Have 1 Assistant
Assistant Group Have 10 Assistants
Assistant Commando Have 50 Assistants
Assistant Squad Have 100 Assistants
Assistant Army Have 200 Assistants
Assistant Legion Have 300 Assistants
Assistant Horde Have 500 Assistants
Assistant Host Have 1000 Assistants
Assistant Clump Have 2000 Assistants
Assistant Nation Have 5000 Assistants
Assistant Kingdom Have 10,000 Assistants
Assistant Continent Have 25,000 Assistants
Assistant World Have 50,000 Assistants
Assistant Upgrades
Name Cost Unlock Requirements For Effect
Assistant-trade-union Assistant Trade Union 150 Qi
Have 10 Assistants Any Increase production of all buildings by 1% per Assistant.
Assistant-Syndicate Assistant Syndicate 300 Qivg
Have 100 Assistants Any Increase production of all buildings by 1% per Assistant.
Assistant-cartel Assistant Cartel 5 Qitg
Have 300 Assistants Any Increase production of all buildings by 1% per Assistant.
Fairy Choir Fairy Choir 1 M
Cast Fairy Chanting while having 45 or more assistants. Fairy Spell upgrade: Triples your assistant count while Fairy Chanting is active.
Assistant Secret Trophies
Name Cost Requirement For Effect
Assistantsquasher Assistant Squasher 100 Qa
Click 100 times on the little assistant above your realm. (here) Any Instantly add 1 additional assistant.
Beard Carpet Beard Carpet 10 Nod
Have at least a beard of 3km on your assistants. Any Increase assistants production by 10%
SunForce Sun Force 1 Notg
Find the Dawnstone and Duskstone artifacts. Any Between 12 AM and 6 AM UTC, gain additional assistants based on the amount of Gems you own.

Note: This upgrade grants different effects depending on the time of the day. See details.

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Notes Edit

  1. Assistants may be referred with slight name variations, such as 'Crusader Assistants' for Mercenaries, or even 'Animal Companions ' for Druids. These do not change anything: Assistants remain Assistants.
  2. perhaps the remains of the Burning Legion are simply mere imps?
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