In Realm Grinder, Buildings produce coins and represent the base income. Since v2.1, they visually level up as you purchase more buildings.

Universal Buildings Edit

Farms, Inns, Blacksmiths, and Hall of Legends are considered universal buildings. They are all available by default except for the Hall of Legends which only shows up along aligned buildings.

Important: These four buildings are considered "Neutral" for alignment-targeting upgrades and spells.

Aligned Buildings Edit

Aligned buildings only appear after the player has purchased one of the three Proofs:

  • Good Buildings require the Proof of Good Deeds
  • Evil Buildings require the Proof of Evil Deeds
  • Neutral Buildings requires the Proof of Neutrality

In the game, aligned buildings are represented in different colors and easily recognizable. (Good in blue, Evil in red and Neutral in a dark grey)

Building Alignments
Tier Good Evil Neutral Base Cost Base Production
1 Farm 10 2
2 Inn 125 6
3 Blacksmith 600 20
4 Warrior Barracks Slave Pen Deep Mine 1,800 65
5 Knights Jousts Orcish Arena Stone Pillars 5,600 200
6 Wizard Tower Witch Conclave Alchemist Lab 38,000 650
7 Cathedral Dark Temple Monastery 442,000 2,000
8 Citadel Necropolis Labyrinth 7,300,000 8,500
9 Royal Castle Evil Fortress Iron Stronghold 145 M 100,000
10 Heaven's Gate Hell Portal Ancient Pyramid 3.2 B 1,200,000
11 Hall of Legends 200 B 250,000 per Trophy

Underlined buildings can be upgraded to Unique Buildings. - Hover over their names to get more information.

Cost & Production Edit

As visible in the above table, regardless of alignment, each building tier has the same cost and production bonus as other buildings in the same tier, and equivalent building upgrades.

Cost of buying next building increase based on amount of building of that type.

Pre Ascension Formula: $ y * 1.15^x $  where y is cost of first building and x is number of buildings of that type.
Post Ascension Formula: $ y * 1.03^x $  where y is cost of first building and x is number of buildings of that type.

Building Assistants Edit


Acquiring the first two building tier upgrades of any building type, except for the Hall of Legends, gives one assistant. The first two tier upgrades appear at the 5th and 25th buildings, and buying all of them should give a total of 20 assistants.

Faction Buildings Edit

Buildings that are only visible in the background when you join a specific faction. Since v2.1, they visually level up as you purchase more buildings.

Unique Buildings Edit

At certain reincarnation levels, each Faction will have the possibility to upgrade one building in to a unique faction-exclusive building. (eg. Fairies will be able to upgrade Farms to Enchanted Fields.) These Unique Buildings will grant access to the Research progress system.

R16 is required for Vanilla Unique buildings, R22 for Neutral, R28 for Prestige, R46 for Dragons, and R75 for Mercenaries, each giving access to their respective Vanilla, Neutral, Prestige, and Mercenary Researches.

Fairy Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Farms

Goblin Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Witch Conclaves

Titan Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Hall of Legends

Elf Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Warrior Barracks

Undead Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Necropolis

Druid Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Stone Pillars

Angel Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Heaven's Gate

Demon Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Hell Portal

Faceless Unique Building Design

Sunken building
Upgraded from Labyrinths

Dwarf Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Blacksmiths

Drow Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Dark Temples

Dragon Unique Building Design

Upgraded from Iron Strongholds

GoodMerc Unique Building Design

GoodMerc Unique Building
Upgraded from Knights Jousts

EvilMerc Unique Building Design

EvilMerc Unique Building
Upgraded from Evil Fortresses

NeutralMerc Unique Building Design

NeutralMerc Unique Building
Upgraded from Alchemist Labs

Leges Unique Buildings Edit

Starting at R100, Leges alignments will become available, which provide an additional Unique Building for each Faction.

Holy Site
Upgraded from Cathedrals
Flesh Workshop
Upgraded from Orcish Arenas
Mountain Palace
Upgraded from Deep Mines
Swarming Tower
Upgraded from Wizard Towers
Burning Abyss
Upgraded from Hall of Legends
Forbidden Library
Upgraded from Monasteries
Arboreal City
Upgraded from Citadels
Slave Market
Upgraded from Slave Pens
Upgraded from Ancient Pyramids

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