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This table is to sort tier challenge rewards by Faction. When sorting, click on the arrow by "For" to list the reward effect by Vanilla and Neutral factions, (Prestige Factions only apply to themselves).

Key to Type & Base Abbreviations when sorting by about:
A: Assistant; B: Building; FC Faction Coins; MM: Max Mana; MP: Mana Produced; MR: Mana Regen; P: Production; Reduc: Cost Reduction

Sortable Table of Tier Challenge Rewards
Faction Tier Name Effect About For
Fairy 1 Pixel Mischief You gain a free assistant for every fairy upgrade you have.

Formula: $ x^{1.75} $  where x is amount of Fairy afflicted upgrades.

A Fairy
Fairy 2 Donations Tax Collections gives 10 more seconds worth of coins and Faction Coins. FC Goblin
Fairy 3 Enchanted Lands Increase mana regeneration based on the amount of buildings you own.

Formula: $ (0.1 * x)^{2.25} $  where x is your Buildings Owned (This Game) stat.

MR All
Elf 1 Advanced Civilation Reduces Elven Exchange cost multiplier.
Reduces cost multiplier by 0.025; with no other reductions applying, the multiplier will be 1.075 instead of 1.1.
Reduc (RE) Elf
Elf 2 Light Collector Increase Holy Light power by 10%.

PA: 0.96%

Spell Angel
Elf 3 Runic Coversion Increase your mana regeneration by +0.85 m/s for every 100 Royal Exchanges purchased. MR All
Angel 1 Efficient Magic Reduce all spell costs by 10%.

(Calculated after Angel (2,3) Angelic Wisdom.)

Reduc (Spell) Angel
Angel 2 Mana Crypts Increases maximum mana by 30%. MM Undead
Angel 3 Nephilim's Blessing Halls of Legends benefit from any Certificate, Validation, Affirmation or Proclamation upgrade. Also reduces Ascension penalty for Angel Bloodline. P All
Goblin 1 Discount Season Green Fingers Discount triggers every 8 minutes instead. Coins Goblin
Goblin 2 Elite Warriors 25% of your purchased upgrades are added to your total trophy count towards Hellfire Blast and Hall of Legends purposes. Trophies Demon
Goblin 3 Smuggled Jewels Increase production bonus from Gems by 0.005% for each upgrade purchased. P All
Undead 1 Deadly Impatience Undead Heritage works 1000% faster. A Undead
Undead 2 Experienced Helpers Assistant production is increased by 10%. PA: 0.96% P(A) Elf
Undead 3 Death Knights Increase your amount of assistants by 10%. A All
Demon 1 Trophy Collectors Reduce all Heritages costs based on the percentage of trophies unlocked. (Except for the Mercenary badge.) Reduc (Heritages) Demon
Demon 2 Legendary Antics Increase max mana by 6.66% of your number of Halls of Legends. MM Fairy
Demon 3 Passage To Tartarus Increase the production of all buildings by 0.1% for each trophy you unlocked. P(B) All
Titan 1 Rich Followers You gain a free assistant for every 80 royal exchanges bought. A Titan
Titan 2 Harmony of Thoughts Faceless' Hive Mind playtime is increased by 10% of the playtime of all the other factions. P(B) Faceless
Titan 3 Balanced Economy Increase max mana based on the number of faction coins generated this game.
Formula: $ round(2.5 * \log_{10}(1 + x))% $  where x is your Faction Coins Gained (This Game) stat.
MM Druid
Titan 4 Storm of Wealth Every 5 minutes you automatically generate Faction Coins based on the amount of Gems you own.

Formula: $ round(0.05 * x) $  where x is the number of Faction Coins generated by Lightning Strike.

FC All
Druid 1 Silent Assistance Animal Companions works faster.

Formula: $ floor((\sqrt{(1 + 16 * x)} - 1) / 2) $  where x is your Playtime (This Game) stat in hours.

P(A) Druid
Druid 2 Balanced Current Mana regeneration is increased by 1% for every 200 Stone Pillars you own. MR Titan
Druid 3 Eldritch Architecture You gain 1.25 additional max mana for every 4 Labyrinths owned. MM Faceless
Druid 4 Overflowing Mana All spell durations increased by 1% for every 1,500 max mana. Spell Time All
Faceless 1 Recruitment Gain an extra assistant every minute. Resets every hour. A Faceless
Faceless 2 Mystic Maze You gain +10 max mana for every 20 Labyrinths built. MM Druid
Faceless 3 Cyclopean Army Gain extra assistants based on your royal exchange bonus.

Formula: $ floor(2 * x^{0.5}) $  where x is your Royal Exchange Bonus.

A Titan
Faceless 4 Omnipresence All factions receive a bonus based on your Hive Mind bonus.

Formula: $ (0.01*5*0.1*x^{0.75}) $  where x is current Hive Mind bonus.

P(B) All
Dwarf 1 Enchanted Crystals Reduce all spells cost based on the amount of gems you own.

Formula: $ \frac {\ln {(1 + G^{1 + {\frac A {10} } }) } } {20}% $ where G is the number of gems you own and A is the number of times you ascended.

Reduc (Spell) Angel - Dwarf
Dwarf 2 Biased Architecture Reduce Inn and Blacksmith cost multipliers.
Reduces cost multiplier by 0.01; with no other reductions applying, the multiplier will be 1.14 instead of 1.15.
Reduc (B) Fairy - Dwarf
Dwarf 3 Rich Miners Increase your Faction Coin find chance by 100% for each active spell. FC chance Elven - Dwarf
Dwarf 4 Paladins Increase Holy Light bonus based on the combined amount of Knights Jousts and Wizard Towers you own.

Formula: $ 50x^{0.35}% $  where x is the number of Knight Jousts and Wizard Towers you own.

P(click) Dwarf
Dwarf 5 Underground Foundation All buildings count 20% more for all purposes. P(B) All
Drow 1 Organized Crime Increase Royal Exchange bonus by 0.025% per trophy you own. RE bonus Demon - Drow
Drow 2 Dark Elegance Increase the production of all buildings based on faction coins earned this game.

Formula: $ log^2(1 + x) $  where x is your Faction Coins Gained (This Game) stat.

P(B) Goblin - Drow
Drow 3 Sorcerer's Pact Online Time (This game) is added to Offline Time (This game). Time (Offline) Undead - Drow
Drow 4 Trained Assassin Increase your Offline Time (This Game) by 1 second every 10 spells cast in this game. Time (Offline) Drow
Drow 5 Shadow Mirage A fraction of your alignment spell bonus is applied passively.
Note: "Fraction" is equal to 5%.
Spell bonus All
Dragon 1 Sky Monarch Mutiplicatively increase faction coin chance by 12% per Lightning Strike tier bought. Also increase Post-Ascension bonuses for Titan Drill and Titan Sized Walls. FC chance Titan - Dragon
Dragon 2 Barkscales Increase Stone Pillars production based on the amount of Grand Balance targets.

Formula: $ (6000 * x^{1.75}) $  where x is number of targets. Also reduces all Spell Tier upgrade costs based on Grand Balance activity time in this game.
Formula: $ max(0, (1-t/28)^9) $ where t is GB activity time in days.



Druid- Dragon
Dragon 3 Serpent Queller Ascension 1 penalty from Deep Memory is removed and its bonus increased.
Faction Coin find chance from Evolutive Mutation becomes multiplicative with increased effect.

Formula: $ (3 * x^{0.65})% $  where x is the number of Sunken Cities you own. Formula: $ (3 * x^{0.95})% $  where x is your amount of Sunken Cities.

FC chance (minus Ascension penalty) Faceless - Dragon
Dragon 4 Draconstellation Faction coins from excavations are increased based on the amount of artifacts you own.

Formula: $ x^6(%) $  where x is number of artifacts.

FC Dragon
Dragon 5 Ancient Incantation Tax Collections are 20% more powerful for every spell tier you have active. P Any Prestige
Dragon 6 Dracomet Vault Gem production is passively increased over time based on the amount of artifacts you own. Resets on Abdications.

Formula: $ 0.0015 * t^{0.7} * a $ where t is playtime this game in minutes, a is artifacts found.

Gems All
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