This is an archive of the events before the version 2 graphic overhaul.

Anniversary (19-20 May 2016) Edit

Name Kind Unlock / Price Effect & Notes
Anniversary-up 1st Anniversary Upgrade 1 Coin Increase the production of all buildings based on all the time you spent playing Realm Grinder.

Formula: 0.003 * R * ((T + P / 2) * (R / 2.5))^{0.7}% where R is your Reincarnation count, T is your total time spent across all Reincarnation, and P is your Playtime (Total) stat.

No cumulative and permanent quest bonus.

April Fools' Day (1 April 2016) Edit

April Fools' Day (1 April)
Name Kind Unlock / Price Effect & Notes
April fools1 Enhanced Production Upgrade 1 Coin Increase the production of all buildings by 1E6%.
April fools2 Enhanced Production Activator Upgrade 1 Coin Activates the upgrade you just bought.
April fools3 Enhanced Production Fix Upgrade 1 Coin Fixes a bug in the Activator that prevented the upgrade from working correctly
April fools4 Enhanced Production Complaint Upgrade 1 Coin Complain about about the upgrade not working yet, even after the fix.
April fools5 Enhanced Production Report Upgrade 1 Coin Report the bug to the Powers That Be and hope it gets fixed before the event is over.
April fools6 Enhanced Production Fooled Upgrade 1 Coin The Enhanced Production timer is over! We hope you enjoyed your huge production bonus and hopefully didn't get too greedy. Happy April Fools' Day!
The upgrades appear after each other with a 10 minute delay. They decrease your production (only for 50min if you bought them all straight away.) and do not count towards the 'Upgrades Purchased' stat.
No cumulative and permanent quest bonus.

Easter (25 - 31 March 2016) Edit

Event Theme: Eggs. They will appear in a random location of the game screen at a rate of 1 per minute, stacking up to 480 eggs (8 hours) if you are idle or offline (image). When collected, each of them will produce one random Egg among three different types: Common, Rare and Unique:
  • Common Eggs: Random colored eggs that will work as the primary currency for the Easter Event.
  • Rare Eggs: Blue-colored eggs that also work as a currency for buying and increasing the bonus of an upgrade that boosts your production.
  • Unique Eggs: Uniquely shaped and colored eggs that you can only find once per type. There are 8 Unique Eggs to find, and each one of them will unlock an unique upgrade (see below).

All eggs of all kinds will stack in one bundle based on their rarity until collected.

Event announcement source post

Name Kind Unlock / Price Effect & Notes
Blue Omelette Upgrade Blue Omelette Upgrade 200 Rare Eggs Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of rare eggs collected. (Growth: (3 * (Rare eggs) – 0.03 * (Rare eggs)^2 + 0.0002 * (Rare eggs)^3 ) % and it is limited by 100000% (source by daemonik92))
Buy Rare Egg Buy Rare Egg Converter 125 Common Eggs Exchange 125 Common Eggs for 1 Rare Egg.
Buy Unique Egg Upgrade Buy Unique Egg Converter 3000 Common Eggs Exchange 3000 Common Eggs for 1 Unique Egg.
BuyUniqueFromRare Buy Unique Egg Converter 100 Rare Eggs Exchange 100 Rare Eggs for 1 Unique Egg
Egg Hunter 1 Egg Hunter 4 Quest Series Collect 750, 2000, 4000, and 7000 Common eggs Full Series Event Bonus: 7%
Egg Collection 1 Egg Collection 4 Quest Series Find 1, 3, 5 and 8 Unique eggs Full Series Event Bonus: 7%
Egg Collection Egg Hunter Feat Collect 7000 Common Eggs. Buying Eggs will not influence this total.
EggCollection Egg Collection Feat Collect 8 Unique Eggs.
Golden Chicken Golden Chicken Feat Collect a full stack of 480 eggs while playing as Goblin or Droblin (1m per egg = 8h)
Grey Easter Grey Easter Feat Find at least 1 Rare Egg while playing with no faction. To get this Feat simply make a big stack, abdicate and then collect before aligning or affiliating
Bundle Of Eggs

Bundle of Eggs

Shop Item 5 Rubies The Easter Bunny wants to sell you 150 eggs for 5 rubies. He will offer you a deal if you accept.
Unique Egg Upgrades:You can find up to 8 unique eggs: One of each kind, and you cannot have more, nor 2 of the same kind. Unique eggs are found by 'luck' and the upgrades are free. When a unique egg is found, its upgrade will instantly appear in the upgrade tab, and will count towards the 'bought upgrades' stats.

In addition, when you buy or find an Unique Egg, you will also gain a free Ruby!

(Unique egg source by daemonik92)

Easter-giantegg Giant Egg Increase maximum mana by 500
Easter-goldenegg Golden Egg Increase the production of all buildings by 100%
Arcane egg Arcane Egg Increase mana regeneration by 10%
Radiant egg Radiant Egg Increase clicking reward by 100%
Easter-woodenegg Wooden Egg Increase chance to find Faction Coins by 25%
Dark egg Dark Egg Increase offline production by 500%
Easter-ancientegg Ancient Egg Reduce excavations cost multiplier. (Excavation cost increase – 0.025)
Easter-cystalegg Crystal Egg Increase production bonus from gems by an additional 8%

Egg Find chance:

The chance to find a common, rare or unique egg is based on your event's generated random number (RNG). Finding and buying eggs are not the same: Buying eggs will shift, your event's RNG ahead by +1. (If the RMI shows you will get an unique egg in 3002 egg finds, and you then buy 1 rare egg, the RMI will then show 3001.)

You can check what your next eggs will be and try aim, and avoid missing, a rare or unique egg using the seasonal RAB tool:

Buying eggs will not influence your Common Eggs total, and the bought/converted egg will be add to your total rare/unique eggs.

Estimated Find chance by catdrake (source)

  • Common: 95.27643%
  • Rare: 4.56406%
  • Unique: 0.15952%


  • Eggs will hatch if you warp time, therefore your Egg on screen will not grow during Timewraps.
  • Event Scrying choice: Produce 1 random egg every 5 min for 4 hours. (image)


Moving Egg stacks: You cannot move an egg stack, but refreshing the page will randomly place it elsewhere. (source)

Total cumulative and permanent Quest Bonus at the end of the Event: 14%

St Valentine's Day (12 - 16 Feb 2016) Edit

Event Theme: Hearts. Collected passively online and offline at a base rate of 1 per second. Each can be increased up to 5/s during the length of the event as follows:
  • Online Hearts per second will go up by 1 every time you cast an amount of Call to Love equal to one less than a power of 10. Total online production is 1 + floor(log10(1 + x)), where x is number of CtL casts over all reincarnations. Note that the first cast of each abdication does not count towards this.
  • Upgrades that increase offline hearts per second by 1 will be unlocked when your offline time over all reincarnations during the event is 200, 2000, 20000, and 200000 seconds.
Name Kind Unlock / Price Effect & Notes
CtL Call to Love Spell Mana Cost:200

(Replaces Call to Arms)

In addition to the Call to Arms spell effect, progressively increases heart production per second based on the amount of spell casts. Does not work offline.
Formula: 1 + floor(log10(1 + x))  where x is the number of CtL casts.
Distantlove Distant Love Upgrade Stay offline for specific amount of times

Price: 10 coins 1st Upgrade: 200 seconds

2nd Upgrade: 2,000 seconds

3rd Upgrade: 20,000 seconds

4th Upgrade: 200,000 seconds

Increase your Hearts per second rate while offline by +1.
Heart Heart Upgrades Upgrade Price:

+50 Hearts per upgrade

Same system as for Rubies, Heart upgrades enable to boost assistants, mana regeneration, max mana, production bonus from gems and production bonus from royal exchanges. (image)
FeelTheLove3 Feel the Love 3 Quest Series Purchase 100, 250, and 500 Heart Upgrades. Full Series Event Bonus: 4%
ILU I Love You in Every Language Feat Cast Call to Love at least once with 6 different factions.
LoveMachine Love Machine Shop Item 110000 hearts for 15 rubies, 240000 for 30, 520000 for 50, and 1400000 for 80 Produces increasing bundles of Hearts.
  • Online and Offline maximum production rate is 5/s (5.2/s with scrying active)
  • Every 100 Heart upgrades gives a free Ruby.
  • Event Scrying choice: Produce 1 heart every 5 seconds for four hours. (image)
  • Mana bar is red during the Event (image)


  • Completing the 3rd quest series might be tight: Do not mix offline and online play style! According to this post.
  • Avoid spell duration increasing upgrades until you reach the max 5/s heart production rate.
  • Event bonuses count towards trophies and challenges. It can be helpful for some (e.g.1000 assistants trophy) and it can make others impossible. (e.g: Faceless Tier 1 challenge)

Event announcement source post

Total cumulative and permanent Quest Bonus at the end of the Event: 4%

Christmas Event (21 Dec 2015 - 5 Jan 2016) Edit

Event Theme: Snowballs (image). They will appear on a random location of the game screen and you simply have to click to collect them, then wait for another Snowball to appear. Or, you can let them grow bigger over time if you are idle or offline – up to a maximum size of 360 Snowballs! (later updated to 1000)

During the Event, Players will also receive a daily Christmas Present. (Requires to go online to be retrieved.)

Name Kind Unlock / Price Effect
Avalanche-up Avalanche Upgrade Price: 5000 Snowballs Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of snowballs collected.
Persists through Reincarnations.
Snowman Assistant Upgrade Price: 1000 Snowballs Automatically produces and collects 1 Snowball every 3 min.
Persists through Reincarnations.
Christmas-snowpile-quest Snowpile 4 Quest Series Collect 1000, 5000, 12000 and 25000 Snowballs. Full Series Event Bonus: 7%
Christmas-event-gift-collector Gift Collector 4 Quest Series Find 1, 4, 8 and 13 Presents. Full Series Event Bonus: 7%
Santas-helpers-xmas-feat1 Santa's Helpers Feat Play as Elves during the Christmas season, and get at least 50 assistants. -
Unholidays-xmas-feat2 Unholidays Feat Ally with the Undead during the Christmas season. -
Rubysnowballs Shop Item 10 Rubies "An adventurer wants to sell you 1000 snowballs for 10 Rubies. He will offer you a new deal if you accept."Buy increasing amounts of Snowballs for Rubies.
  • Scrying for snowballs (allowed 6 times per day): Gain 10 additional snowballs (image)
  • The daily Christmas presents contained alternatively 200 Snowballs and 1 Ruby.
    • Christmas Eve: 500 Snowballs;
    • Christmas day and New Year's day: 3 Rubies.

Event announcement source post

Total cumulative and permanent Quest Bonus at the end of the Event: 14%

Thanksgiving Event (26 - 30 Nov 2015) Edit

Name Kind Unlock / Price Effect
Thanksgiving upgrade icon Thanksgiving Feat Play during Thanksgiving Increase the production of all buildings by 25% for the duration of the Thanksgiving season.
Note: This was the 1st time Realm Grinder had an Event. The Feats not giving any bonus must have not been decided then.

Event announcement source post

No cumulative and permanent quest bonus.