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In-game description: "Faction Coins are found randomly by clicking the landscape or collected passively by your assistants. You can use these to make Royal Exchanges or, if this is your faction, to purchase alliance pacts."

Faction Coins (or FCs) are a special type of resource necessary to purchase faction-specific items such as Trade Treaties, Faction Upgrades, Heritages, Research Points etc., and to make Royal Exchanges.

Faction Coin Types[]

There are eight different types of Faction coins, each color-coded and named after their Vanilla or Prestige Faction: Fairy; Elven; Angel; Goblin; Undead; Demon; Dwarf; and Drow Faction Coins.

Faction Coins visible at the bottom of the Upgrades, Excavation, and Research tabs.

The Fairy Heritage costs Fairy FCs, the Goblin research points cost Goblin FCs, and so forth. Alignments and Factions that do not have their own Faction Coin type are defined a combination instead: Good alignment uses all the good aligned faction's FCs, the Evil alignment uses all the evil faction's FCs, and Neutral Factions are related to one Good and one Evil faction's FC.

Alignment / Faction ⇔ FC Type
Good Alignment Fairy, Elven, Angel, Dwarf (All Good FCs)
Evil Alignment Goblin, Undead, Demon, Drow (All Evil FCs)
Neutral Alignment Fairy, Elven, Angel, Goblin, Undead, Demon, Dwarven, Drow (All FCs)
Titan Angel, Goblin
Druid Elven, Demon
Faceless Fairy, Undead
Dragon Dwarven, Drow

Where to Find Faction Coins[]

Faction Coins can be found randomly, with a percentage of chance, by clicking the background, casting certain spells[1], excavating, scrying, or gathered passively by Assistants, which have a base find chance of 2%.

Unlocking Prestige Faction Coins[]


The Vanilla Faction Coins are available by default from the beginning of the game, but Prestige Faction coins require to be unlocked along with their Faction. Once one of the Prestige factions is unlocked, the Underworld Diplomacy upgrade becomes available, and purchasing it will unlock the Dwarven and Drow Faction Coins. (This is only required before R3.)

Find Chance[]

You are guaranteed one faction coin for every 100% chance, plus a chance to get another extra one depending on the remaining percentage. For example, with 137% chance you will always get one coin, and one more 37% of the time.

Your "Faction Coin Find Chance" may be increased by gathering more Gems and Rubies, or by purchasing chance increasing upgrades.

Faction Coin Trophies & Upgrades[]

There are a number of Trophies related to acquiring of set amounts of coins.

FC Find Chance Secret Trophy Upgrades
Name Cost Unlock Requirements Alignment Effect
Grand Diplomat.png Grand Diplomat 6 T
Ally with each Vanilla and Prestige faction at least once. Any Increase your chance to find Faction Coins by an additional 1%
Faction Grinder.png Faction Grinder 6 Oc
Purchase all the Faction Heritage upgrades in a single Game. Any Increase your chance (and chance cap) to find Faction Coins by additional 1%
Coin Pillage.png Coin Pillage 1 Dc
Cast 30 Tax Collection in less than 5 seconds. Any Tax Collection also finds 30 seconds worth of Faction Coins.
Secret-trophy53-FactionRun.png Faction Run 10 Coins Earn 1 M (1.5E6) Faction Coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power, Excavations or any spell. Any +10% Faction Coin find chance
ThatExcavatedQuickly.png That Excavated Quickly 1 Qag
Excavate 1000 times in the first 30 seconds of playtime. Any Increase the chance to excavate Faction Coins by 5%.
SunForce.png Sun Force 1 Notg
Unveil the Dawnstone and Duststone artifacts. Any (6 am - 12 pm): Increase Faction Coin find chance based on the amount of assistants you own.

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  1. Spells can make a big difference in finding FCS. Some directly produce FCs such as Goblins Greed or Lightning Strike, but most help indirectly through assistants such as Tax Collection, or through clicking such as Holy Light.