Faction Run Trophy Requirement: Reach 1,5 M (1.5E6) Faction Coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power, Excavations nor any spell.
Note: This guide was first written in Nov. 2015 for RG1.4, and at that time this trophy was a real challenge[1][2]. It is now much easier and no longer requires the use of an autoclicker. Vaguely following the steps below is to be enough.

Update: Faction Run is now possible at R11 at R7 using the Elf bloodline (source comment) - If you have the Titan Challenge 4, just wait for the effect to trigger. (triggers every 5min)

Step by Step Guide Edit

I’ve just been trying this over and over in various reincarnations, and I’ve been able to do it in Reincarnation 20 with a pretty high success rate. At R19, here's what I’ve been doing:
Bloodline upgrade
Reincarnation power upgrade
Diplomat upgrade
Elf Heritage
  1. Buy (Click or auto-click if necessary):
  2. Join the Elves, and buy all the Elven Faction upgrades you can afford.
  3. Buy:
    • Buildings: (At least Royal Castles, Heaven’s Gates, Hall of Legends.)
    • The rest of the Elven upgrades.
    • Buy max on each of the first 10 buildings to get them over 100.
    • Grand Diplomat Secret Trophy upgrade
    • Assistant Squasher Secret Trophy upgrade
    • Elven Heritage.
  4. Then wait to reach 1,5 M (1.5E6) Faction Coins - Auto-click to go faster, or if necessary.

The whole setup took me about 20 seconds after practicing it a few times. I think 105,000 faction coins at 30 seconds is about the margin for success/failure in Reincarnation 20.

References Edit

  • Guide written by artcrow - Source (The previously used guide was the screenshot of the same guide.)
  • 7/2016 Update to v2 : Added Need a Head Start, removed mention of building assistants which are now automatically given and no longer need upgrades. Changed order to immediately buy the free upgrades Need a Head Start and Bloodline.
  • 10/2016 Updated to RG v2.3 - Removed outdated information, and simplified guide.
  1. R21 Cant get "Faction Run" trophy [SOLVED]!!!
  2. When this guide was first written, Challenges, Ruby Power, and trophies such as Need a Head Start did not exist. Bloodlines weren't free, they used to cost the amount of gems you had in coins. So you had to do this trophy with very few, or no gems.