Factions are the realm's mythical creatures you choose to affiliate with in order to achieve your goals. Each have their own specialty, and your choice of Faction can be crucial : Certain goals are only attainable by joining the right faction for that mission.

There are several types of Factions: Vanilla, which includes the Good & Evil Factions, Neutral, Prestige, and Mercenary. The Vanilla Factions show up by default, but the others first need to be unlocked. Once unlocked they will stay unlocked throughout all soft resets.

To affiliate with a Faction, you first need to choose their Alignment by purchasing their Proof. This makes all the Factions of that alignment available, and you can then choose which one to affiliate with by purchasing their Trade Treaty.

Note: The icons used in the below section are the Faction's Trade Treaties, their first Faction upgrade.

Vanilla Factions[edit | edit source]

Good and Evil Factions together are called "Vanilla Factions". These six factions are the original Factions that were implemented since the beginning of Realm Grinder.

Good Factions[edit | edit source]

Good Factions are oriented to a more active game-play, focusing on spells and treasure clicks.

Faction Description Affiliation Cost
Fairy.png Fairy Focuses on assistants and boosts the three lowest tier buildings. 20 Fairy coins
Elf.png Elf Focuses on clicking and faction coins. 20 Elven coins
Angel.png Angel Focuses on spell casting and mana regeneration. 20 Angel coins

Evil Factions[edit | edit source]

Evil Factions are oriented to a more idle game-play, focusing on steady and passive building production.

Faction Description Affiliation Cost
Goblin.png Goblin Cheaper buildings and a lust for money. 20 Goblin coins
Undead.png Undead Focuses on long plays increasing production and assistants based on time. 20 Undead coins
Demon.png Demon Increases the highest tiers of building productions and trophy perks. 20 Demon coins

Neutral Factions[edit | edit source]

The Neutral Factions were added in the Ancient Races expansion. They cover a mixture of both active and passive game-play and may offer faster advancement than Good and Evil factions. Neutral Factions are only available once you have reached 1 B (1E9) gems and fulfilled certain requirements.

See Titan, Druid, and Faceless pages for more details.

Faction Description Affiliation Cost
Titan.png Titan Can be very powerful... when lucky.
Related to the Angel and Goblins Factions.
250 Angel Coins, 250 Goblin Coins
Druid.png Druid Focuses on magic and balance.
Related to the Elven and Demon Factions.
250 Elven coins, 250 Demon coins
Faceless.png Faceless Feature perks that becomes stronger with time.
Related to the Fairy and Undead Factions.
250 Fairy coins, 250 Undead coins

Prestige Factions[edit | edit source]

Part of the Underworld and Ancient Eternals[1], the Prestige Factions are purchased in addition to, either a Vanilla Faction of the same alignment, or a Neutral Faction. They enable the player to combine the powers from both factions, giving combinations such as Dwairy for Fairy-Dwarf, Droblin for Goblin-Drow, or Dragtan for Dragon-Titan.

See the Dwarf, Drow and Dragon pages for more details.

Faction Alignment Description Affiliation Cost
Dwarves.png Dwarf Good Enhances the Good Vanilla Faction they are associated with. 3,000 Dwarven Coins
Drow.png Drow Evil Enhances the Evil Vanilla Faction they are associated with. 3,000 Drow Coins
DragonTreaty.png Dragon Neutral Enhances the Neutral Faction they are associated with.  5B (5e9) Dwarf and Drow Coins

Mercenary Faction[edit | edit source]

Mercenaries were added in the Afterlife expansion. They can combine the spells and upgrades from all the other factions to create custom cross-faction mercenary builds.

See the Mercenary page for more details.

Faction Alignment In-game Description Affiliation Cost
Merc.png Mercenary Any A custom selection of all the existing faction powers. 50 Spd (5E55)

Description & Structure[edit | edit source]

Titan Faction upgrades

Each Faction has its own Faction-specific spell and 3x4 Tier upgrades (or 4x4 for mercenaries), and each bare their own distinctive appearance and color code[2]. Faction upgrades have the faction-color for the background, and the interior metal-colors are the same for all factions.

In the example image on the right are the 12 yellowish[3] Titan Faction upgrades.
In the first row are the bronze colored Tier 1 upgrades, in the second row, the silver colored Tier 2 upgrades, and third, the gold colored Tier 3 upgrades.

For all factions, the first upgrade of each tier are:

  1. Trade Treaty, always represented with a scroll, enables to affiliate with the faction in question.
  2. Friendship Pact
  3. Alliance For vanilla and neutral factions, enables the related prestige faction's trade treaty to show up.

These can only be purchased in order of tier : Once the Trade Treaty has been purchased, the Friendship Pact will show up, and once the Friendship Pact purchased, the Alliance.

For all factions, they unlock the following metal-colored upgrades of the same tier, and cost Faction coins. The remaining metal-colored upgrades cost gold coins.

Notation:[edit | edit source]

In order to simplify, instead of using the full individual names of each Faction upgrade, they can be identified numerically. For example : Druid (2,3) refers to the third secondary Tier upgrade belonging to Druid, which, in this case, is an upgrade named Shapeshifting.

In Mercenary build templates, the faction upgrades are numbered 1 to 9, and are preceded by the faction abbreviation.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Titan champion trophy.png

In the early game, it is advised to quickly affiliate with each Faction at least once, because for each Faction, purchasing all their upgrades once grants their Faction Champion trophy, which in turn rewards their exclusive and universal Heritage upgrade.

The quantity of bought faction upgrades is tracked throughout reincarnations, and is required to unlock Bloodlines.

Related Secret Trophy
Grand Diplomat.png Affiliating with all six Vanilla factions for the first time will grant the Grand Diplomat secret trophy. This rewards an upgrade of the same name which increases your chance to find Faction Coins by an additional 1%.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The Neutral Prestige faction, Dragon, was implemented during the expansion v.2.3 Ancient Eternals. (Oct 2016)
  2. Since v2, each faction also have visually distinctive assistants.
  3. RG v2 uses similar faction color codes from the previous UI, but have dropped their symbols. See previous Titan and Elven faction upgrades.

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