Mana is the magic resource necessary to cast spells.
At the beginning of a game, you start off with a full mana container which has a base 'Mana Capacity' of 1000, and a base 'Mana Regeneration Rate' of 1.0 mana per second (m/s).

There are many upgrades which help increase regeneration rate and capacity. Increasing mana will not only help cast more spells, but the total mana you have produced take part in many unlock requirements, some which are significant such as the automatic casting upgrades.

Your maximum mana, mana regeneration rate, and the mana you have produced (both this game and total) can be seen in the tooltip of the mana container.

Mana Increase Items Edit

The following tables list all the mana increase items available.

Maximum Mana Increase Items
Name Type Effect For
Reincarnation Power Misc +25 per reincarnation, starts at 300 All
Ruby Power Misc +25 per Ruby tier All
Mana Matrix Secret +10% All
Premeditation Secret +250 All
Mana Matrix Secret +10% All
Spell Cataclysm (PA) Secret +75% All [R42]
Helden Sterben Nicht Secret +15% All [R3]
Mana Waste Secret based on spells cast (this game) All
Druid Heritage Allegiances +1 every 15 buildings All
Faceless Bloodline Allegiances based on mana produced (this game) All [R7]
Demon Perk 1 (PA) Allegiances +1.5% per level All [R60]
Faceless Lineage (PA) Allegiances based on trophies unlocked All [R60]
Dragon Perk 3 (PA) Allegiances +1.25 every 2 Unique Buildings All [R60]
Fairy (3,1) Kind Hearts Faction +1 every 8 Good buildings Fairy; Good Merc
Druid (2,1) Earthly Bond Faction +2 per Stone Pillar Druid; Neutral Merc
Dragon(2,2) Ancient Hunger Faction based on FCs (amount, this game) Dragon; Merc
Mana Crypts: Angel T2 Challenge +30% Undead [R8]
Legendary Antics: Demon T2 Challenge +6.66% of the amount of Halls of Legends Fairy [R8]
Mystic Maze: Faceless T2 Challenge +10 every 20 Labyrinths Druid [R9]
Balanced Economy: Titan T3 Challenge based on FCs found (this game) Druid [R19]
Eldritch Architecture: Druid T3 Challenge +1.25 every 4 Labyrinths Faceless [R19]
S30 Vacuumancy Research based on time spent (this game) All [R16]
S400 Capacity Research based on spells cast (highest amount in a single game, this R) All [R28]
S500 Heirlooms Research based on artifacts All [R32]
A1500 Sublimation Research based on buildings (Unique Buildings) Druid [R55]
W135 Rampage Research based on trophies All [R16]
W1400 Cataclysm Research based on clicks (this game) Dragon [R53]
Mana Regen Increase Items
Name Type Effect For
Reincarnation Power Misc +0.1 m/s per R. (starts at 1.2 m/s) All
Ruby Power Misc +0.5 m/s per tier. All
Mana Droplet Magic +0.5 m/s All
Mana Rain Magic +0.5 m/s All
Mana Surge Magic +0.5 m/s All
Mana Fountain Magic +0.5 m/s All
Mana Shower Magic +0.5 m/s All
Mana Stream Magic +0.5 m/s All
Mana Flood Magic +0.5 m/s All
Mana Wave (PA) Magic +5 m/s All (PA)
Mana River (PA) Magic +5 m/s All (PA)
Mana Lake (PA) Magic +5 m/s All (PA)
Mana Sea (PA) Magic +5 m/s All (PA)
Mana Ocean (PA) Magic +5 m/s All (PA)
Mana Spring (PA2) Magic +10 m/s All (PA2)
Unlimited Mana Secret +2 m/s All
Spell Fury Secret +5% All
Rule 'dis Secret +1 m/s All
Colorful Autocasting (PA) Secret +10% All [R42]
Helden Sterben Nicht Secret +15% All [R3]
Prismatic Mana (PA) Secret +15% All [R3]
Angel Heritage Allegiances +10% All [R40]
Druid Bloodline Allegiances based on mana (maximum mana) All [R7]
Angel Lineage (PA) Allegiances +10% per level All [60]
Faceless Perk 1 (PA) Allegiances based on assistants All [60]
Dragon Breath (Blue Effect) Spell +200% while the blue effect is active Dragon
Fairy (2,3) Spellsmiths Faction based on buildings (Blacksmiths) Fairy; Merc
Angel (1,1) Holy Bells Faction based on buildings (Cathedrals). Angel; Good Merc
Angel (1,3) Angel Feathers Faction +40% Angel; Merc
Angel (2,1) Guardian Angels Faction based on buildings (Royal Castles). Angel; Good Merc
Angel (2,3) Archangel Feathers Faction +40% Angel; Merc
Angel (3,1) Magical Gates Faction based on buildings (Heaven's Gates) Angel; Good Merc
Elf (3,3) Ancient Clicking Arts Faction based on clicks (this game) Elf; Merc
Undead (2,1) Death Temples Faction based on buildings (Dark Temples) Undead; Evil Merc
Demon (2,1) Infernal Magic Faction based on buildings (Hell Portals) Demon; Evil Merc
Druid (2,3) Shapeshifting Faction based on assistants Druid, Merc
Druid (3,2) Earthly Soul Faction based on buildings (Stone Pillars) Druid; Neutral Merc
Faceless (3,1) Magical Treasure Faction based on assistants. Faceless, Merc
Drow (2,1) Mana Addicts Faction based on time spent (this game) Drow, Merc
Dragon (3,2) Imposing Presence Faction based on buildings (Neutral) Dragon, Merc
Mercenary (2.N) Trade Lords Faction based on faction coins gained Neutral Mercenary
God's Throne - Angel Challenge +20% while God's Hand is active All [R18]
Balanced Current - Druid T2 Challenge +1% every 200 Stone Pillars Titan [R9]
Enchanted Lands - Fairy T3 Challenge based on buildings (amount) All [R18]
Runic Conversion - Elf T3 Challenge +0.85 m/s every 100 Royal Exchanges All [R18]
S30 Vacuumancy Research based on time spent (this game) All [R16]
S105 Mysticism Research based on research made All [R16]
S180 Incantation Research based on assistants Fairy [R16]
S3200 Manipulation Research based on active spell tiers Merc [R80]
C25 Light Condenser Research based on spells cast (this game) Angel [R16]
D135 Illumination Research based on gems All [R16]
D275 Meditation Research based on mana (current mana) Druid [R23]
D290 Transub-stantiation Research +1.5 m/s per artifact All [R24]
D560 Ritualism Research based on trophies Drow [R33]
E250 Trade Routes Research based on Royal Exchanges All [R22]
E275 Offering Research based on Royal Exchange bonus Titan [R23]
A50 Gilding Research based on buildings (Heaven's Domain) Angel [R16]
A270 Synthesis Research based on FCs (this game) All [R23]
A300 Creeping Research based on mana produced (this game) Faceless [R24]
A1325 Calefaction Research based on excavations (total) All [R51]
W205 Berserking Research based on assistants - works while Blood Frenzy is active Evil [R20]

For formulas and unlock requirements, check the item's page or the Faction Upgrades and Research Upgrades tables.

Offline Mana RegenerationEdit

Autocast8 upgrade

In order to regenerate mana offline, you will need offline mana regeneration upgrades, These are included in the Automatic Casting upgrades. See Offline Spell Casting for more details.

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