Missing Ruler

While Offline, your game continues to progress on its own, but at a slower rate than while online. In addition to the offline production bonus, the game can be setup to also generate automatic clicks and spell casts.

Offline Production bonuses were initially intended for an offline play-style, but as many other perks, it can be also used as a variable for other upgrades. (eg. the Undead challenge reward "Midnight Time", increases Night Time assistant bonus based on total time spent offline.)

Amongst the existing factions, the Undead and Drow are the ones to have the most offline related perks. The Drow Tier 3 challenge even enables to increase offline time while online.


Your 'Offline Production' and 'Time Spent Offline' are visible in the stats. 'Offline Production' is also shown in the main window, in the Production tool-tip (sand-clock icon).

Offline Upgrades Edit

In opposition to Faction Coins, all Offline Production Bonuses are multiplicative. (eg. The 4 Offline Upgrades listed in the table below give 86300%.)

Many upgrades and researches include an offline effect in addition to their online effect. Listed here below are a few special and exclusive offline upgrades.

Offline Clicks & Spell Casting Upgrades Edit

Exclusive Offline Upgrades Edit

Name Type Effect
Absent Ruler Upgrade Increases offline production by 200%.
Missing Ruler Upgrade Increases offline production by 500%.
Nonexistent Ruler Upgrade Increases offline production by 1500%
Fast Forward Secret Upgrade Increase offline production by 200%
Van!shment Secret Upgrade Increase the production of all buildings based on offline bonus (See Tips)
Refraction (A55) Research Improve offline production based on spells cast.
Waste (A480) Research Increase offline production based on the amount of Royal Exchanges
Spellbinding (S435) Research For Drow - Passively grants the effects of Call to Arms while offline.
Vampirism (D3350) Research Increase offline production based on the amount of Reincarnations you made.

Other Related Perks Edit

Tips Edit

  • Keeping a backup save file gives the same result as playing offline.
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