The Options, or settings, can be found by clicking on the gear button at the bottom right of the main screen.

The Options Edit

  1. Numbers Format: Short, Scientific, Engineering. See notation for complete table of comparison.
  2. Use Thousands Separator
  3. Don't Group Upgrades by Category
  4. Don't Group Trophies by Category
  5. Don't Consolidate Upgrades
  6. Don't Consolidate Trophies
  7. Sort Purchased Upgrades by Price
  8. Sort Unpurchased Upgrades by Price: This option can make the upgrades move around and may lead to misclicks, especially when in a hurry.
  9. Hide Purchased Upgrades
  10. Hide Unavailable Researches
  11. Disable Click Particles
  12. Disable Click Text
  13. Disable Menu Sliding Animation
  14. Switch List to Extended Style: this will make upgrades rectangular to show the details without the need to hover.
  15. Buy All Exchanges: Enabling this will buy all royal exchanges possible when clicking on the red "Buy All" button.
  16. Buy All Upgrades: Enabling this will cause the red "Buy All" button at the top of the upgrades screen to also buy Ruby Power and Gem Power.
  17. Block Background Clicks: Can be useful when getting the "Need a Head Start" secret trophy.
  18. Disable Non-Manual Clicks
  19. Disable Multibuy for Upgrade Series: Use keyboard shortcuts instead (Ctrl+Shift : Buy 1, Ctrl : BuyMax).
  20. Disable Warning for Ruby Upgrades
  21. Disable Warning for Exchanges
  22. Disable Cloud Check at Startup: Shows a warning if your progress is lost or if the game progress is lower than the cloud's save.
  23. Skip All Tutorials
  24. Disable BuyMax Button
  25. Enable Spell Tooltip Persist : Enables the tooltips to stay open longer, giving time to set spell tiers.


Toggle UI

If your computer lags:

  1. Try disabling some or all of the options 11, 12, 13 and 17.
  2. Use the "Toggle UI" button whenever you do not need to interact. It will hide everything except the background image.

Save Options Edit

Below the game and interface options listed above are the Cloud and Save functions[1].

  • Cloud Options: This is a double security: RG stores a copy of your progress "in the clouds". RG is a timely game, losing progress hurts! (Registering will reward you the Clouded secret trophy. )
    • Overwrite - Overwrites your cloud save with the current game you are playing.
    • Restore - Restores your last cloud save.
  • Save Options:
    • Save: Click here before you close the window, to not lose the few seconds of progress you might have done between the auto-saves.
    • Export & Import See below

Making Back-Ups Edit

The Import and Export functions are a-must-use! They enable to make backups of your game progress.
  • To make a backup:

Click on the "Export" button, paste your clipboard into a file, and save.

  • To Import the backup:

Click on import button and paste the save-code you previously made.
You will want a backup when something goes wrong:

  • All your progress has disappeared! (This has unfortunately happened so many times.)
  • Or it can be nice to know you can always undo when you are stepping in to unknown fields and not sure if what you are doing is right.
  • Or maybe you might simply miss-click and max-Buy excavations?

Other uses:

  • Enables to use the RG tools.
  • Offline builds can be exported into a file and left to progress.
  • If you have some save files of different progress stages: Check something at a earlier stage of the game. Old save files from the very beginning of RG have never caused any problems (at least up til now).

Hard Reset Edit

Erases everything! To use if you wish to totally reset and restart the game from zero. Gifts are linked to your Kongregate account, and you will not lose them when hard resetting.

See also Edit

Reference Edit

  1. Prior to the UI overhaul, RG v1's save, cloud save, import, and export options were grouped within a tab along with the soft-reset buttons. A screenshot if the previous UI of the save functions can be found here. Note: Screenshots of the previous UI can be seen browsing this wikia's image file histories. To do this, click on an image > more info. Below the actual image, click on the "File History" tab.
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