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This wiki contains all the information you need to know to help you play Realm Grinder, an incremental game by DivineGames and hosted at Kongregate.
Please keep in mind that this is a wiki[1] , written and maintained by RG players.

About The Grinder

Realm Grinder puts you in the role of a good or evil monarch, managing production and politics in order to create a large, powerful, and — most importantly — rich Realm.
The game belongs to the incremental genre, meaning you will have to click — at least in the beginning — buy buildings, upgrades, cast spells and make other strategic choices with the ultimate goal of gaining more, more and more. Once started, it will also progress while offline, and there is no fixed end, as you can always sell all your properties by soft resetting to gain Gems, which will in turn help you produce even more coins.
Realm Grinder was first published in May 2015, and by February 2016 had reached over 10 million players. See why players like this game.

What's Different About Grinding The Realm?

In the incremental game type, Realm Grinder is the first to introduce a significant level of re-playability by giving the player choices that can entirely change the play-style. You will be given goals, and to reach these goals, the choice to join different factions of mythic creatures, where each have their own resource, and each focus on different mechanics. Some aim to improve the production of specific buildings, others to benefit from hiring assistants, or empower spell-casting capabilities. As you play and learn, it will be yours to find out how to best reach these goals.

Where To Start?

Your first goal is to collect all the Vanilla Faction Heritages. (For a list of all the goals see: Progress Agenda)
In the beginning, start by following the in-game adviser's instructions, then try:
You can also get Tips and Hints by clicking on the adviser icon at the bottom right of the main window.
For all other information, the Kongregate forum[2] and this Wiki, are the main places to search.

Game Window

When starting Realm Grinder, not everything is visible. Some features such as Research and Challenges will appear when necessary or after certain requirements are met. Click on the images below to go to their respective pages:
Gametab-Upgrades.png Mana.png
Event-button.PNG Gametab-Shop.png Scry-button.png
Menubar-coins.pngMenubar-ps.pngMenubar-gems.pngMenubar-rubies.pngAssistants.png Buttons-UItoggle.pngButtons-hints.pngGametab-Stats.pngOptions.png


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  2. Realm Grinder was first published in May 2015. Since, there has been many expansions and updates. The game is constantly evolving and the posts written last year, if not updated, tend to be out dated. So when searching the Kongregate forums, don't forget to check the post dates and see if the post is maintained or outdated. And if you plan to post something, check the forum rules before.