Royal Exchange (or RE), is a function that lets the player exchange Faction Coins for an increase in building production. This building production increase is called "Royal Exchange bonus", and can be increased through upgrades and other perks, such as the R25 Reincarnation Power.

The Royal Exchange button appears as the first item in the Upgrades tab, and is available after a faction is chosen. It leads to a panel where individual Faction Coin types can be exchanged.

Royal Exchange BonusEdit

Each exchange initially (without any upgrades) increases the production of all buildings by 10%. They can be bought an indefinite number of times, but the price increases each time.

The formula for the cost of your next exchange is:

Formula: $ floor(20\cdot{1.1}^x) $  where x is the actual exchanges you have.

The cost for multiple exchanges is:

Formula: $ 200 ({1.1}^{y}-{1.1}^{x}) $  where x is the actual exchanges you have and y is the exchanges you are buying up to..

Related Secret Trophy UpgradesEdit

Royal Exchange Secret Trophy Upgrades
Name Cost Unlock Requirements Effect
Exchange Master Exchange Master 500 Dc
Purchase 500 Royal Exchange in a single game. Increase Royal Exchange bonus by 5%
Exchange Lord Exchange Lord 500 Qag
Purchase 1500 Royal Exchanges in a single game. Increase Royal Exchange bonus by 5%
Because I Like to Grind Because I Like to Grind 1000 Spend at least 3 hours playing in this game. Increase Royal Exchange bonus by an additional 1.
TripleWeirdness Triple Weirdness Free Exactly 333 of each Royal Exchange Increase Faction Coins generation while offline based on your mana regeneration.
Exchange High Lord Exchange High Lord 10 DQig
Purchase 5000 royal exchanges in a single game. Increase Royal Exchange bonus by 250%

Tips Edit

  • As the first REs are very cheap, it can be beneficial to exchange a few before saving up to buy the more expensive Faction Heritage upgrades.
  • As the cost of RE increases, there is a threshold amount that is hard to overcome, hence it will not help to get too many FC upgrades.
  • Enabling the "Buy All Exchanges" in the options will buy all possible REs when clicking on the "Buy All" button. This setting persists through abdications.
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