The Save options are very useful features that are since RG v.2[1] part of the options window.

  • Cloud Options: This is a double security: RG saves a copy of your progress in the clouds. RG is a timely game, losing progress hurts! (Registering will reward you the Clouded secret trophy. )
  • Save Options:
    • Save: Click here before you close the window, to not lose the few seconds of progress you might have done between the auto-saves.
    • Export & Import See "Making Back-Ups" below

Making Back-Ups Edit

The Import and Export functions are a-must-use! They enable to make backups of your game progress.
To make a backup:
Click on the "Export" button, paste your clipboard into a file, and save.
To Import the backup:
Click on import button and paste the save-code you previously made.

You will want a backup when something goes wrong:

  • All your progress has disappeared! (This has unfortunately happened so many times.)
  • Or it can be nice to know you can always undo when you are stepping in to unknown fields and not sure if what you are doing is right.
  • Or maybe you might simply miss-click and max-Buy excavations?

Other uses:

  • Enables to use the RG tools.
  • Offline builds can be exported into a file and left to progress.
  • If you have some save files of different progress stages: Check something at a earlier stage of the game.

Note that these export saves do not seem to out-date. I have managed to import save files dating from the very beginning of RG.

Reference Edit

  1. Prior to the UI overhaul, RG v1's import and export functions were grouped within a tab along with the soft-reset buttons. A screenshot if the previous UI of the save functions can be found here.

Note: Some screenshots of the previous UI can be seen browsing this wikia's image file histories. Click on an image > more info. Below the actual image, click on "File History" tab.

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