The Scrying function enables you to gain an extra boost of your choice in exchange for viewing a video advertisement which will help Divine Games gain some revenue.

Geotargeted Ads

The shown video ads and number of times you can scry depends on your geographical location. Some countries have more ads then others and players from those countries will be able to use the Scry function more often.

You shouldn't be seeing a same advertisement many times in a same session. When your location has no more ads to show you the tool-tip will say that the crystal ball is clouded.

You can now claim your reward!

Don't close the ad window before seeing "You can now claim your reward!" If you happen to crash just before choosing an option, the game may react as if you have claimed it. This can be specially annoying if you live in a country with few ads or when limited options such as snowballs during Christmas 2015.

Boost Choices

The choices are as shown in the game window:

  • +100% production for 4 hours.
  • +2 m/s and +10 mana regen for 10 minutes.
  • Faction Coins based on your production. Formula: ???

Events can bring additional options, such as (seen until now)

  • Snowballs: Limited to six times a day during Christmas 2015.
  • Hearts: Increased heart production for 4 hours during the St Valentines 2016

Problems & Reporting Problems

The Scry function seem to often have problems. If you have problems:

  1. Check if no ad-blocking software/extension are enabled.
  2. Try refreshing the page
  3. Try later
  4. If your problem is recurring, tell the devs!

Many have had problems that Divine Games made a forum post just for this intention: Go here to write a report.

When you write a report it can be helpful to include:

  • A screen shot of the scry window.
  • The name of advertisement causing you problems and/or the URL you maybe re-directed to.
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