The Scrying function allows you to gain an extra boost of your choice in exchange for viewing a video advertisement which will help Divine Games gain some revenue.

Scrying is no longer a function in the Steam version of the game due to Valve's no ad policy.

Geo-Targeted Ads[edit | edit source]

The ads you get are not dependent on Kongregate or Divine Games, but on the ad company which provides the ads as a service to Divine Games.

The selection of ads and number of times you can scry depend on your geographical location. Each time you scry, the ad should be different and you shouldn't be seeing the same one too many times in a same session.

Your IP reveals the country where you are, and your cookies store a list of the ads you have viewed.

Some countries have more ads than others, and players from those countries will be able to scry more often. Some players will be able to scry as much as they want and have all the timers running all the time, others may only be able to scry once or twice per day and will need to be strategic about when to best use it.

You Can Now Claim Your Reward![edit | edit source]


While viewing the video, make sure to close the window after you see the phrase "You can now claim your reward!". Hovering over the video will generally make the video timer appear, showing you how long the ad will last. You can switch to another tab and leave the ad running in the background.

If you happen to crash just before choosing your option, the game may react as if you have used up one ad-view without getting the reward. This can be annoying if you live in a country with few ads; you might not be able to scry again for some time.

The Choices[edit | edit source]

The choices are:

  • +100% production for 4 hours.
  • +2 m/s and +10 mana regen for 10 minutes.
  • Faction Coins based on your Faction Coin chance. Formula: ???

Events can bring additional options, such as (seen until now):

  • Snowballs: Limited to six times a day during Christmas 2015.
  • Hearts: Increased heart production for 4 hours during the St Valentines 2016 event

For duration bonuses, if you scry an option that is not finished, it will restart the timer. (eg. If you scry for mana when the timer has 3min left, the timer will get reset to 10min.)

Hovering over the scry button, you may read:

  • "Click here to scry into the future!"
    This is the default tooltip. The ad servers have a video ready for you to view.
  • "The sphere is focusing... "
    The ad servers are looking for a new ad. Try refreshing the page.
  • "The crystal ball is clouded."
    This is what you get when the ad server thinks, correctly or not, that there are no new and non-viewed ads for you.

Problems[edit | edit source]

If you have problems scrying:

  1. Check if no ad-blocking software/extension are enabled.
  2. Try refreshing the page.
  3. Try later; the ads servers may be busy or offline.
  4. If your problem is recurring, report it to the devs.

Many have had problems and Divine Games has made a forum post for this: Go here to write a report.

When you write a report it can be helpful to include:

  • A screenshot of the scry window.
  • The name of advertisement causing you problems and/or the URL you were perhaps redirected to.
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