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The Shop sells Premium Upgrades for Kreds, Kongregate's premium virtual currency, or Rubies.
Some upgrades are permanent bonuses that persist through resets, while others are one-time boosts. Occasionally, during Events, you may also find special offers and Event resources[1].

Permanent Upgrades[]

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The items below all cost Kreds[2], and require to be logged into Kongregate[3] to buy them. The Gifts are permanent items linked to your Kongregate account, and persist through soft, and even hard resets. Their effect can be toggled on and off by clicking on their respective icons in the shop tab.

Name Cost Steam Effects
GiftHeroes.png Gift of the Heroes 50 Kreds $4.99 Increase the production of all buildings by 25%, click rewards by 15%, faction coin chance by 5%, and +0.50 mana per second.
Upon resets, grants 25,000 gold and 20 faction coins of each faction coin type, allowing you to immediately buy any Vanilla faction Trade Treaty.

Buying this will also unlock the Gift of the Kings.

GiftKings.png Gift of the Kings 100 Kreds $9.99 Increase the production of all buildings by 50%, click rewards by 30%, faction coin chance by 5% and provide a special assistant which actually autoclicks twice a second (triggering all real click effects and increasing the clicks stat) and counts as 2 common assistants while offline.
Upon resets, grants 10 Qa (1E16) gold and 500 Faction Coins of each Vanilla faction coin type, allowing you to immediately buy any Neutral faction Trade Treaty.

Buying this will also unlock the Gift of the Gods.

GiftGods.png Gift of the Gods 200 Kreds $19.99 Increase the production of all buildings by 100%, click rewards by 50%, faction coin chance by 15%, offline gains by 100%, and mana regeneration by 10%.
Upon resets, grants 100 Td (1E44) gold and 25,000 faction coins of each faction coin type, allowing you to immediately buy any Trade Treaty, except the Dragon's.
1Rubies.png 22 Rubies 50 Kreds $4.99 Adds 22 Rubies to your total.[4].
10Rubies.png 48 Rubies 100 Kreds $9.99 Adds 48 Rubies to your total.
25Rubies.png 104 Rubies 200 Kreds $19.99 Adds 104 Rubies to your total.
50Rubies.png 280 Rubies 500 Kreds $49.99 Adds 280 Rubies to your total.

Note:Gift names have commonly been abbreviated to GotH, GotK and GotG

One-Use Upgrades[]

Below items all cost Rubies[5], and their effect takes place the instant they are purchased. Apart for the changes they bring to your game progress, you will get no visual receipt.

Name Cost Effect
GemConversion.png Gem Conversion 12 Rubies "Add your hard earned Gems to your collection without resetting!"
Without abdicating, add the new gems in your abdication treasury to your current active gem total
Timewarp12h.png Timewarp
12 Hours
4 Rubies "Fast forward the game and instantly gain coins and trophies as if you were offline for the same amount of time."

Instantly gain 12 hours of offline game progress.
This will affect every aspect of your game as if you actually spent 12 hours offline with your current game setup.
To maximize profits, be sure set up your game accordingly, and if unsatisfied, you can always revert using a previously created save file.
The approximate amounts of coins, and faction coins, you will gain are visible in the descriptions before purchase.

Timewarp36h.png Timewarp
36 Hours
8 Rubies Instantly gain 1 day and 12 hours of offline game progress.
Timewarp5d.png Timewarp
5 Days
12 Rubies Instantly gain 5 days of offline game progress.


  1. During Events a stack of event resource can be purchased for rubies. The quantities and costs vary each time, and the deal gets better after each purchase. See passed events for examples and more details.
  2. If you do not have any Kreds, clicking on one of the Kred purchase buttons will automatically lead you to Kongregate's Kred purchase page. See also: What are Kreds?
  3. As of V2, you must enable the Flash plugin to access your Kongregate account, or the gifts may not work (this is not the same setting as giving flash access to games). For more details, see forum thread: Gifts not working.
  4. The total amount of Rubies you have can also increase your Ruby Production Bonus to a higher tier. See the descriptions, or Ruby upgrades for more information.
  5. "Starting Feb 11th 2016, 1.01 PM UTC, Timewarps and Gem Conversion services will cost Rubies rather than Kreds, at the same value ratio as before. This new pricing will valorize Rubies and allow players to get higher bonuses from the Ruby Production tiers." - (Source)