Do not mistake SOFT with HARD resets: Hard resets totally erase your progress, like if you had never played!

In Realm Grinder there are three kinds of soft resets:


We go through several abdications to reach the required level to reincarnate. We then go through several reincarnations, to reach Ascension. Each time, you will lose nearly everything in exchange for a powerful boost.

Soft resets are done by clicking their respective buttons in the upgrades tab. Abdications can be performed anytime, even when there is no benefit. Reincarnations and Ascensions can only be performed when the necessary requirements are met.

Concept Edit

The idea of these soft resets represents the story of more than one life time:

During one's life, we make alliances with many Factions. We affiliate to join, and abdicate to leave. When we leave, we leave enriched with the experiences. Later, when we become old, we die and reincarnate to start over. Start over, but enriched from our previous life.
Finally, enriched with all the experiences through many reincarnations and lives, we reach the ultimate state of wisdom and are able to ascend, to walk to heaven as a mortal.

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