Speed Run
Speed Run Trophy Requirement: Reach 1 M (1E6) coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power.

Step by Step Guide Edit

To get the Speed Run trophy, you need to have earned over 1 M (1E6) coins by the time your Playtime (This Game) stat hits 5m, without buying the Gem Power upgrade.

This can be done at R0 - Scrying, Ruby Power[1] and Gifts are permitted. Note that if you have the gift of the kings, you only have to do step 1.

Need a Head Start

Need a Head Start?


Crop Rotation




Proof of Evil Deed

  1. Abdicate
  2. Buy the secret trophy upgrade: Need a Head Start[2]
  3. Buy 8 Farms
  4. Buy the first farm building tier upgrade: Crop Rotation[3]
  5. Buy your 16th Farm
  6. Buy an Inn
  7. Buy up to your 18th Farm and 3rd Inn
  8. Buy a Blacksmith
  9. 19th Farm, 4th Inn, 2nd Blacksmith
  10. 25th Farm
  11. Buy the second farm building tier upgrade: Irrigation[3]
  12. 30th Farm, 7th Inn, 5th Blacksmith
  13. Proof of Evil Deed
  14. 6 Slave Pens and 6 Orcish Arenas
  15. Cast Blood Frenzy (and if possible Tax Collection[4])
  16. Buy a Witch Conclave
  17. 9th Slave Pen, 9th Orcish Arena, 4th Witch Conclave
  18. Cast Tax Collection
  19. Buy a Dark Temple
  20. Cast Tax Collection

Notes Edit

  1. Speed Run was created before the introduction of Rubies.
  2. Head Start is not indispensable, but this trophy is easy to get and very useful.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Since RG v2.0, accomplishing this trophy has become easier, as purchasing any of the first two build tier upgrades now provides one assistant.
  4. Suggestion by Devito (source comment)