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Possible suggestions:

  • Ascensions 3 and 4
  • Auto Buy Excavations
  • Daily Rewards
  • Diamond Faction Coins (At Ascension 3)
  • More Artifacts
  • Bug fixes
  • More Factions
  • More Alignments
  • More ways to get rubies
  • Auto buyer
  • More Resources
  • Improved Royal Exchange (At Ascension 4)
  • Having more than 2 factions at once
  • Profit Multipliers (Bought with rubies)
  • Expeditions
  • Add suggestions here!


Info About the suggestions Edit

Auto buyers Edit

Auto buyers are unlocked from a trophy. Auto buyers are also unlocked after the ascension.

Upgrade Auto buyer Improved Auto buyer Priority Auto Buyer Contingency Auto buyer Planned auto buyer Efficient Auto buyer
How to unlock 50000 buildings in one game 75000 buildings in one game 500000 buildings bought from Auto buy in 1 reincarnation 750000 buildings bought from Auto buy-in 1 reincarnation. have 10000 of each building at once. Have 15000 of each building at once
How much it cost 1 Trequingintillion Coins 1 Septenseptgintillion Coins 50 Nonagintillion coins 15 centillion coins 1+E350 coins 65+E450 coins
What it does You can choose what building to auto-buy. When you get the required amount for the building, you get the building. Works offline You can choose what to Auto-buy before you Auto buy it. You can choose how much money to keep before you auto-buy it. You can choose how much times to buy at once. You can choose to auto-buy multiple different types of buildings at once.

Ascensions Edit

Ascension Ascension 3 Ascension 4 Ascension 5 or Transformation 1 Ascension 6
How much Reincarnations R149 R199 R249 R299
what it does Ascension 3 can unlock Diamond faction coins. Diamond faction coins can be harder to get, but It is cheaper to unlock factions, and royal exchange always starts at level 100. 3rd factions are also unlocked at the 3rd Ascension. You can either choose the other factions you didn't choose at the beginning of the game. The factions cost a thousand times more expensive though. Ascension 4 can unlock improved royal exchange. Unlocking it will cost 10000 of each faction coin. Improved royal exchange gives double the benefit. 4th factions are also available. You can choose the other faction you didn't choose at the beginning of the game. The faction will now be 100000 times more expensive. Ascension 5 will transform you from a king to a god. When you are a god, You get 1000% more production. You can also choose a second alignment. If you are good, you can't choose evil. If you are Evil, you cant choose good. You can only choose Neutral. It costs 5+E300 to merge. Goods will turn into Wells, and Evils will turn into intermediates. Gods can also gain much more faction coins. Coins are reset back to normal though. Getting them back will be unlocked at Ascension 6 and 7. Ascension 6 can unlock Grand Artifacts. These artifacts are powerful and you require to unlock all of them to get to transformation 2. Ascension 6 also unlocks a new spell: Discount charge! -99% cost of everything for 1 minute. Upgrades are not affected. It costs 5000 mana.

Daily Rewards Edit

Day 1: 1 assistant Day 2: 30 minutes of production Day 3: 100 of each faction coin Day 4: 1 ruby
Day 5: +0.5 mana regen Day 6: +2 assistants Day 7: 1 ruby Day 8: +25 max mana
Day 9: 1 hour of production Day 10: +1% gem bonus Day 11: +1 mana regen Day 12: +2 rubies
Day 13: +25 max mana Day 14: 3 assistants Day 15: +2 mana regen Day 16: +5 rubies

Daily rewards can be earned each 24 hours. If you miss a day, go back to the start. If you finish, reset. You can choose if you want to reset. An upgrade can be bought for 5 coins that unlock the upgrades.

Profit Multipliers Edit

What profit x2 x5 x15
How much rubies it cost 10 rubies 30 rubies 75 rubies

Profit multipliers stay through all types of soft resets.

Expeditions Edit

Expeditions are when you go out, and in a certain amount of time has passed, you get a reward. You can choose what expedition to choose. The more time it takes, the longer. Expeditions are unlocked the first time you reset exavations.

Expedition How long What it gives you How often they appear
Common 2 hours 10 minutes of coins, or 10 minutes of faction coins. 33% chance to get 10 minutes of coins and faction coins. 10% chance for ruby, 25% chance for 20 minutes of coins, 25% chance for 20 minutes of faction coins. 15% chance for an assistant. 50%
Rare 5 hours 30 minutes of coins and faction coins. 33% chance for 1 hour of coins and faction coins. 33% chance for ruby, 10% chance for 2 rubies, 10% chance for 3 Assistants. 33%
Epic 10-12 hours 2 hours of coins and faction coins, 33% chance for 2 rubies, 25% chance for 5 hours of coins, and 25% chance for 5 hours of faction coins. 17%

Expedition Alignments Edit

Expedition Alignments are unlocked after you finish your 10th expedition. An upgrade will appear that will cost 200000 of each faction coin. That upgrade will unlock Expedition Alignments.

Alignment Cost Spell What it does
Good 1M dwarven coins Expedition Insight

3000 mana: For 30 seconds, production is boosted by 100% per expedition made.

+5% better chance for epic expeditions to appear. It also increases rare's possibility by 10%.
Evil 1M Drow coins Expedition Rush

1500 mana: For 10 seconds, Expedition Speed is boosted by 1% per evil building you own.

+20% speed for expeditions
Neutral or Leges 500000 dwarven coins and 500000 drow coins. Expedition luck

600 mana: For 15 seconds, you earn 1 more faction coin per tap per expedition you have made.

+25% better expedition rewards.

For common Expeditions, you always get both faction coins and coins.

More upgrades! Edit

Feel free to add as many upgrades!

Upgrade What it does Cost Requirement
Bad Deeds Adds +10 of each evil building. 50 duovigintillion coins, 1000000 goblin coins, 1000000 undead coins, and 1000000 demon coins Reincarnation 3, and join Evil 5 times.
Good Deeds Adds +10 of each good building 50 duovigintillion coins, 1000000 angel coins, 1000000 elven coins, and 1000000 fairy coins. Reincarnation 3, and join Good 5 times.
Synergy I +5% production to farms, inns, and blacksmiths per other building you own 1 billion coins N/A
Synergy II +1.5% production to the building that you buy 100 billion coins Synergy I
Synergy III +5% production to all buildings except Farms, Inns, and Blacksmiths per Farm, Inn, and Blacksmith you own. 1 quadrillion coins Synergy II and 100 gems
Synergy IV +3% production to halls of legends per other building you own. 1 octodecillion coins Synergy III and 1 reincarnation.
Synergy V +0.1% production to all buildings per building you own. 1 septenvigintillion coins Synergy !V and 5 reincarnations
Synergy VI


+1% production to all buildings except farms, inns, and blacksmiths, per reincarnation made per farms, inns, and blacksmith you own. 1 quinquingintillion coins Synergy V and 1 Ascension
Synergy VII


+0.1% Boost to Neutral buildings per Good and Evil building you own, and +0.1% Boost to Good and Evil building per Neutral building you own. (Stays through Abidications but not Reincarnations) 1+E333 coins Synergy VI

and 3 Ascensions

Abdication Orb +1% production to all buildings per Abdication you made 1 trigintillion coins 100 abdications
A year in the making +1% production per day you have played the game 100000 of each faction coin Played the game for a year and unlocked all mercenary upgrades.
Evil Time +500% production to all buildings at 3am (most likely offline) 1000 drow coins Play the game at 12am - 5am
Mercenary hater +25% production when not Mercenary 33.3 Duotrigintillion coins Be Mercenary 5 times in a row
Birthday Upgrade +0.5% boost per how old this game is (per day) (How old this game is in days) Each faction coin. Play on the day the game was made
Spell Maximum Formula: +(0.1 * x) production.

Where X is, it is how much spells made.

65 Quinvigintillion coins Cast 10000 spells in one day
Leet II Increase building production by 1.337% 1 vigintillion coins Get exactly 1337 max mana at any moment of time.
Leet III Increase assistant production by 1.337% 1 qig coins Get exactly 1337 assistants at any moment of time.

Fortune Wheel Edit

Item Probability
1 assistant 25%
redo spin 25%
1 ruby 20%
2 spins 10%
2 assistants 10%
redo spin with double rewards 5%
2 rubies 5%

Spinning the fortune wheel costs 1 ruby, but you can also get a free spin from a reincarnation, or sometimes expeditions. On events, the wheel will change and give different rewards.

Friends/Social Edit

When you sign in to Kongregate, you can friend people, and make guilds.

Upgrade What it does Cost Requirement
Friends It unlocks doing things with other people 10 coins Sign in to Kongregate
Guild You can make your own guild, or join someone's guild. 1 octillion coins Reincarnate once

Guild Edit

Guilds cost 1 ruby to create. You can join other guilds for free. Guilds are groups of players that play the game together. More valuable players are determined by how much reincarnations and gems.

Upgrade What it does Cost Requirement
Guild! You can join or create a guild 5 Td coins 1 reincarnation
Guild Expansion +10% production per person in the guild 1 Vg coins 10 people in guild
Guild War! Allows you to have war with other guilds Free 10 people in guild and Guild leader
Guild War League! Allows you to join special war events Free 20 people in guild, 3 war victories, and Guild leader
Guild War bonus boost! Changes war bonus from 2% to 3% 240 Tg coins Guild Stone artifact required
Guild stone artifact Allows you to get Guild war bonus boost upgrade Artifact People in guild/1000% chance
Guild Expansion II +5% production per person in the guild. 1 Tg coins 30 people in guild

Guild war! Edit

Guild war lasts 3 days. Each person has to get more quest points. At the end, who has the most quest points wins a bonus of 2% production. Guild war league happens every 6 weeks, and lasts 2 weeks. Guild war league gives each win 1 ruby.

Quest Requirement How to get Quest points
Trophy! N/A Get 1 trophy in war time. 10
Reincarnation N/A Reincarnate 30
Excavate! N/A Excavate 100 times 5
Challenge! 3 reincarnations Beat 1 challenge 15
Bloodline! 8 reincarnations Use 4 different bloodlines in war time 10
Surge! 14 reincarnations Cast 1 hour of Spiritual Surge 10
Run! 16 reincarnations Get 1 T coins in 1 min of a new game without gem power. 5
Ruby! N/A Get a ruby 5
Spell! 16 reincarnations Cast 2 hours of spell time 10
Clicker! N/A Click 10000 times 5

New Factions! Edit

Cyborgs Edit

Cyborgs are unlocked at R224. To get it you have to get all these artifacts and requirements.

Artifact Chance to get What it does Description
Scrap of metal R224+ Trophies/10000% Unlocks a new upgrade Left from the blacksmith...
Metal Mannequin R224+ Taps/10M% Unlocks a new upgrade Wut Dis?
Computer R224+ Reincarnation/10000% Unlocks an upgrade that gets cyborgs Let's let them in!
Upgrade Requirement What it does Cost
Scrap of metal Scrap of metal artifact Increase mana regen based on how long you have been online

Formula: (0.001 * x) x is how much seconds you have been online

100 octooctgintillion coins
Metal mannequin Metal mannequin artifact Increases production online by 1000% 101 octooctgintillion coins
Computer Computer artifact,

2M clicks, Neutral alignment, 10M Spells made, 10 days of combined spell time, and all misc trophies.

Allows you to affiliate with the cyborgs 102 octooctogintillion coins.
Upgrade Requirement What it does Cost
Cyborg Treaty Computer Upgrade and Leges unlocks faction upgrades 1 quintillion of each faction coin
Robo-Rush N/A Increase Assistant production by 1% Per upgrade bought. 1 nonagintillion coins
Faction Factor N/A Faction coin from clicks can find faction coins from 2 different factions 10 nonagintillion coins
Cyborg Trades N/A Decrease Royal exchange cost multiplier 100 nonagintillion coins
Cyborg friendship pact Cyborg treaty unlocks faction upgrades 50 quintillion of each faction coin
Assistant clicker N/A Auto-clicks once for every 100 assistants you have 1 unonagintillion coins
Coins and Coins! N/A Increase production of all buildings by 10000% 10 unonagintillion coins
Mana-Tech N/A Increase production by 1% Per 100 max mana 100 unonagintillion coins
Cyborg alliance Cyborg friendship pact unlocks faction upgrades 1 sextillion of each faction coin
Cyborg clicker N/A Increases clicking reward by 3% Of assistant production 1 duononagintillion coins
The Internet N/A Increase online production by 30000% 10 duononagintillion coins
Cyborg Intel N/A Increases assistant production by 1% Per tax collection casted. 100 duononagintillion coins
Cyborg Heritage All cyborg upgrades +1000 max mana, +5% mana regen rate, +200% Production, +100% Clicking reward, and +100% Assistant production. 100 sextillion of each faction coin
Energizer Cyborg Heritage Unlock the spell! Permanently increases production by 1%. Cost: 6000 mana. 10 septillion of each faction coin
Cyborg Alignments Cyborg Heritage If neutral, increase clicking reward by 1000%. If good, increase mana regen by 30%. If evil, Increase production by 1000%. 100 septillion of each faction coin
Advanced cyborg heritage Make Energizer reach 5000% Production Double all spell durations 1 nonillion of each faction coin.
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