Warm up
In-game description:
"The Summeraan spirits enjoy freedom, open spaces and hot temperatures above all. They are chaotic by nature and can't stand any rule or authority."

Summeraans are introduced as Event Faction during the Summer Festival Event and stack with every other faction.

  • Alignment: All
  • Unlock Requirements: Event Faction
  • Faction spell: Heatwave - Increase the production of all buildings based on the spells cast in this game for 12 seconds. Also grants faction coins based on the amount of Flame Orbs collected in this event.
  • Spell Trophy & Upgrade: None

Upgrades Edit

Summeraans have only a tier of upgrades

Name Cost Effect
Summeraan Alliance
Summeraan Alliance 400 Flame Orbs Unlocks Summeraan Upgrades
Sun Beams 800 Flame Orbs Whenever you collect Flame Orbs floating on your realm, the production of all buildings is increased based on the amount of Orbs collected with this click for 10 seconds.
Eruption 1,300 Flame Orbs Gain additional assistants based on clicks made this game.
Burning Rage 2,000 Flame Orbs Decrease the cost of all spells by 50%

Unique Building & Research Edit

In 2016 Event Summeraans had not Unique Building nor Research