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Tax Collection is an immediate spell that grants wealth based on production, including multipliers from active spells. Due to the low mana cost and accessibility of being open for every faction, it indirectly makes other spells more powerful by virtue of reaping more benefits from short spells. Because of Tax Collection's potential, max mana determines income in higher Rs as casting TC during a full spell combo becomes the main strategy in runs.


Tax Collection is modified in the following ways:

Type Name Cost Effect
Research S50 - Conjuration 3.188e134 Each time you cast a spell, you also cast free Tax Collections based on the amount of Goblin Banks you own. (Floor(X/650))
Research E145 - Royal Demand 1.707e151 Increase Tax Collection reward by 30 seconds worth of production.
Research D200 - Transcendence 8.265e160 Decrease the cost by 20%.