Below is a list of acronyms and terms used in Realm Grinder.

Soft-Resets & Stats Edit

In descriptions and stats:

  • This game and Current game started last abdication, and ends next abdication.
  • Total refers to the current reincarnation. 
  • All-Time covers all reincarnations.
  • A Run refers to a game between abdications.
  • A Session refers to a game between reincarnations.

General Edit

Factions Edit

  • Faction Name +ine or +line: Bloodline (eg: Angelline for Angel Bloodline)
  • Fairy (3,2) : Simplifies notation of Faction upgrades. The first number represents the tier, and the second the position.

For combined Faction names, the prestiges' generally precedes and is shortened to whatever sounds best.

  • Dwangels Dwarf+Angel
  • Dromon Drow+Demon
  • Draguid Dragon+Druid

Mercenary Templates Edit

Faction abbreviations used in Merc Build templates to identify faction upgrades. These are followed by the numbers 1-9 reflecting their overall position. (eg: Dwarf(3,1) Battlehammers = DN7)

  • FR: Fairy
  • EL: Elf
  • AN: Angel
  • GB: Goblin
  • UD: Undead
  • DM: Demon
  • TT: Titan
  • DD: Druid
  • FC: Faceless
  • DN: Dwarf
  • DW: Drow
  • DG: Dragon

Spells Edit

Spells are shortened to their initials. Relies on context to differentiate identical initials.

  • Pentacast: Casting 5 spells at once.
  • Combo-Spell: Several spells or casting several spells (e.g.: "Do a combo-spell")
  • TC: Spell Tax Collection
  • CtA: Spell Call to Arms
  • SS: Spell Spiritual Surge
  • HL: Spell Holy Light
  • BF: Spell Blood Frenzy
  • GG: Spell Gem Grinder
  • FC: Spell Fairy Chanting (Not to confuse with Faction Coins)
  • MB: Spell Moon Blessing
  • GH: Spell God's Hand
  • GG: Spell Goblin's Greed
  • NT: Spell Night Time
  • HB: Spell Hellfire Blast
  • LS: Spell Lightning Strike
  • GB: Spell Grand Balance
  • BW: Spell Brainwave
  • DP: Spell Diamond Pickaxe
  • CS: Spell Combo Strike
  • DB: Spell Dragon Breath

Tiered spells simply have the tier number following the spell's initials (eg: LS1, GG5, CtA5 ...).

Builds Edit

  • IGOT: It Grows Over Time Mercenary build
  • IGOTaNfT: I Got a need for Trophies Merc build
  • LF: Lighting Forge Merc build
  • DF: Diamond Forge Merc build
  • U+(Faction): Unique Research build (e.g.: UElf, Unique Elf Build)
  • NU+(Faction): Non-Unique Research build (e.g.: NUGoblin, Non Unique Goblin Build)
  • EF: Elven Farms Merc build
  • BDSM: Brutal Diamond Smithing Machine

Buildings Edit

Acronyms: Edit

  • FIB: Farms, Inns, and Blacksmiths
  • BS: Blacksmith
  • DM: Deep Mine
  • IS: Iron Stronghold
  • AP: Ancient Pyramid
  • HoL: Hall of Legends

Abbreviations: Edit

  • Mona: Monastery
  • Laby: Labyrinth
  • Pillars: Stone Pillars
  • Barracks: Warrior Barracks
  • Necros: Necropolis
  • Pyra: Ancient Pyramids
  • Den: Wyrm's Den

Shop Items Edit

  • GotH: Gift of the Heroes
  • GotK: Gift of the Kings
  • GotG: Gift of the Gods

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