Trophies are the bragging rights of Realm Grinder. There are good reasons to get them: Most of them reward an upgrade.
You unlock these by performing tasks of increasing difficulty in different areas of the game. See below tables for unlock requirements.
Once a trophy is gained, it's there to stay, throughout abdications and reincarnations!

Trophies: Overview
Trophies listed by category as displayed in the game. (With the option 'Don't list trophies by category' disabled.)

PA = Post Ascension Trophies

Allegiances Trophies [41]

  • Faction Champion: For each faction, purchase all their 12 faction upgrades in a single game.
  • Faction Grand Champion: For each faction, upgrade their Lineage to level 20 and purchase all three of their respective Lineage perks.

Misc Trophies [168]

  • Coins [20]: Awarded at multiples of 1,000 up to 1 Ocg coins in a single game.
  • Coins by Clicking [19]: Gain 100, 1K, 1M, 1B, 1T, 1Qa, 1Qi, 1Sx, 1Sp, 1Ud, 1Qad, 1Spd, 1Vg, 1Qivg, 1Tg, 1Qitg, 1Qag, 1Qig and 1SxSxg coins by clicking in a single game.
  • Clicks [9]: Click 100, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 times in a single game.
  • Faction Coins [21]: Find 1, 50, 250, 1k, 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 500k, 1M, 100M, 1B, 100B, 1T, 100T, 1Qa, 1Qi, 1Sx, 1No, 1Td, 1Spd FCs.
  • Assistants [18]: Have 1, 10, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 500k, 5M, 5B, 5T, 5Qi assistants.
  • Artifacts [7]: Find 1, 5, 10, 20, 35, 50, and 75 artifacts (all time).
  • Gems [23]: Gain 1, 50, 150, 500, 1k, 5k, 15k, 50k, 100k, 1B, 1Qa, 1Sx, 1No, 1Dd, 1Qid, 1Ocd, 1Uvg, 1Qavg, 1Spvg, 1Tg, 1Ttg, 1Sxtg, 1Uqag gems.
  • Rubies [4]: Collect 1, 10, 25 and 50 rubies (all time).
  • Upgrades [11]: Purchase 1, 5, 15, 30, 50, 85, 120, 175, 235, 305, 385 upgrades in a single game.
  • Reincarnations [20]: Reincarnate 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 60, 70, 85, 100, 125, 150 times.
  • Misc [16]

Magic Trophies [61]

  • Mana [14]: Produce 200, 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 100k, 200k, 20M, 1B, 20B, 1T, 2T, 100T, 200Qi mana.
  • Spell Casts [16]: Cast 10, 100, 500, 1k, 2k, 5k, 20k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 500k, 1M, 50M, 1B, 50T, 10Qa Spells in a single game.
  • Spell Autocasting [9]: Produce 60k, 2M, 6M, 12M, 20M, 30M, 50M, 150M, 200M mana.
  • Spell Tier Trophies [6]: Unlock tier 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 for all spells.
  • Spell Trophies [16] - 1 for Tax Collection and each Faction spell

Building Trophies [566]

  • Building Types [25x22]: Build 1, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 5000, 7500, 12000, 20000 of each building type in a single game.
  • Total Buildings [15]: Build 100, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 3k, 5k, 8k, 12k, 20k, 35k, 50k, 125k, 200k, 300k buildings in a single game.
  • Misc [1]

Secret Trophies [64]


Allegiances Trophies[edit | edit source]

Allegiances - 14 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Fairychampion.png Fairy Champion Purchase all Fairy Faction Upgrades (in a single game)
Elvenchampion.png Elven Champion Purchase all Elven Faction Upgrades.
Angelchampion.png Angel Champion Purchase all Angel Faction Upgrades.
Goblin champion trophy.png Goblin Champion Purchase all Goblin Faction Upgrades.
Undead champion trophy.png Undead Champion Purchase all Undead Faction Upgrades.
Demon champion trophy.png Demon Champion Purchase all Demon Faction Upgrades.
Titan champion trophy.png Titan Champion Purchase all Titan Faction Upgrades.
Druid champion trophy.png Druid Champion Purchase all Druid Faction Upgrades.
Faceless champion trophy.png Faceless Champion Purchase all Faceless Faction Upgrades.
Dwarven champion trophy.png Dwarven Champion Purchase all Dwarven Faction Upgrades.
Drow champion trophy.png Drow Champion Purchase all Drow Faction Upgrades.
Mecenary champion trophy.png Mercenary Champion Purchase all Mercenary Faction Upgrades.
DragonChampionTrophy.png Dragon Champion (PA) Purchase all Dragon Faction Upgrades.
MercOath.png Mercenary Oath "You have become a Mercenary for the rest of your existence."
Select Mercenary for the first time.
Lineages (PA) - 12 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
FairyGCT.png Fairy Grand Champion Purchase all three Fairy Lineage perks.
ElfGCT.png Elven Grand Champion Purchase all three Elven Lineage perks.
AngelGCT.png Angel Grand Champion Purchase all three Angel Lineage perks.
GoblinGCT.png Goblin Grand Champion Purchase all three Goblin Lineage perks.
UndeadGCT.png Undead Grand Champion Purchase all three Undead Lineage perks.
DemonGCT.png Demon Grand Champion Purchase all three Demon Lineage perks.
TitanGCT.png Titan Grand Champion Purchase all three Titan Lineage perks.
DruidGCT.png Druid Grand Champion Purchase all three Druid Lineage perks.
FacelessGCT.png Faceless Grand Champion Purchase all three Faceless Lineage perks.
DwarfGCT.png Dwarven Grand Champion Purchase all three Dwarven Lineage perks.
DrowGCT.png Drow Grand Champion Purchase all three Drow Lineage perks.
DragonGCT.png Dragon Grand Champion Purchase all three Dragon Lineage perks.

Misc Trophies[edit | edit source]

Coins - 20 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
A Thousand Coins Gain 1,000 coins in a single game
A Million Coins Gain 1 M (1E6) coins in a single game
A Billion Coins Gain 1 B (1E9) coins in a single game
A Trillion Coins Gain 1 T (1E12) coins in a single game
A Quadrillion Coins Gain 1 Qa (1E15) coins in a single game
A Quintillion Coins Gain 1 Qi (1E18) coins in a single game
A Sextillion Coins Gain 1 Sx (1E21) coins in a single game
A Septillion Coins Gain 1 Sp (1E24) coins in a single game
An Octillion Coins Gain 1 Oc (1E27) coins in a single game
A Nonillion Coins Gain 1 No (1E30) coins in a single game
A Decillion Coins Gain 1 Dc (1E33) coins in a single game
Countless Coins Gain 1 Ud (1E36) coins in a single game
Infinite Coins Gain 1 Uvg (1E66) coins in a single game
Unlimited Coins Gain 1 Qivg (1E78) coins in a single game
Endless Coins Gain 1 Tg (1E93) coins in a single game
Coins Galore Gain 1 Qitg (1E108) coins in a single game
Coin Multiplication Gain 1 Qag (1E123) coins in a single game
Coin Hemisphere Gain 1 Qig (1E153) coins in a single game
Coin World Gain 1 SxSxg (1E201) coins in a single game
Coin Universe Gain 1 Ocg (1E243) coins in a single game
Coins by Clicking - 19 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Treasure Clicker Gain 100 coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Finder Gain 1,000 coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Digger Gain 1 M (1E6) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Hunter Gain 1 B (1E9) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Seeker Gain 1 T (1E12) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Master Gain 1 Qa (1E15) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Hero Gain 1 Qi (1E18) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Legend Gain 1 Sx (1E21) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Grinder Gain 1 Sp (1E24) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Breaker Gain 1 Ud (1E36) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Smasher Gain 1 Qad (1E45) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure destroyer Gain 1 Spd (1E54) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Annihilator Gain 1 Vg (1E63) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Disintegrator Gain 1 Qivg (1E78) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Ender Gain 1 Tg (1E93) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Unmaker Gain 1 Qitg (1E108) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Nullifier Gain 1 Qag (1E123) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Wrecker Gain 1 Qig (1E153) coins by clicking in a single game
Treasure Obliterator Gain 1 SxSxg (1E201) coins by clicking in a single game
Clicks - 9 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
A Clicking Start Click the background 100 Times in a single game.
Clicking More Click the background 500 Times in a single game.
Click Clock Click the background 1,000 Times in a single game.
Clicking Forward Click the background 2,500 Times in a single game.
Clicking Frenzy Click the background 5,000 Times in a single game.
World of Clicks Click the background 10,000 Times in a single game.
The Clicky Way Click the background 20,000 Times in a single game.
Clicker Eternal Click the background 50,000 Times in a single game.
Realm Clicker Click the background 100,000 Times in a single game.
Faction Coins - 21 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Faction Coin Find 1 Faction Coin (in a single game)
50 Faction Coins Find 50 Faction Coins
250 Faction Coins Find 250 Faction Coins
1000 Faction Coins Find 1,000 Faction Coins
5000 Faction Coins Find 5,000 Faction Coins
10000 Faction Coins Find 10,000 Faction Coins
50000 Faction Coins Find 50,000 Faction Coins
100000 Faction Coins Find 100,000 Faction Coins
500000 Faction Coins Find 500,000 Faction Coins
1 Million Faction Coins Find 1 M (1E6) Faction Coins
100 Million Faction Coins Find 100 M (1E8) Faction Coins
1 Billion Faction Coins Find 1 B (1E9) Faction Coins
100 Billion Faction Coins Find 100 B (1E11) Faction Coins
1 Trillion Faction Coins Find 1 T (1E12) Faction Coins
100 Trillion Faction Coins Find 100 T (1E14) Faction Coins
1 Quadrillion Faction Coins Find 1 Qa (1E15) Faction Coins
1 Quintillion Faction Coins Find 1 Qi (1E18) Faction Coins
1 Sextillion Faction Coins Find 1 Sx (1E21) Faction Coins
1 Nonillion Faction Coins Find 1 No (1E30) Faction Coins
1 Tredicillion Faction Coins Find 1 Td (1E42) Faction Coins
1 Septendecillion Faction Coins Find 1 Spd (1E54) Faction Coins
Assistants - 18 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Assistant Solo Have 1 Assistant (in a single game)
Assistant Group Have 10 Assistants
Assistant Commando Have 50 Assistants
Assistant Squad Have 100 Assistants
Assistant Army Have 200 Assistants
Assistant Legion Have 300 Assistants
Assistant Horde Have 500 Assistants
Assistant Host Have 1,000 Assistants
Assistant Clump Have 2,000 Assistants
Assistant Nation Have 5,000 Assistants
Assistant Kingdom Have 10,000 Assistants
Assistant Continent Have 25,000 Assistants
Assistant World Have 50,000 Assistants
Assistant Galaxy Have 500,000 Assistants
Assistant Universe Have 5 M (5E6) Assistants
Assistant Dimension Have 5 B (5E9) Assistants
Assistant Multiverse Have 5 T (5E12) Assistants
Assistant Stratum Have 5 Qi (5E18) Assistants
Artifacts - 7 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Artifact Find 1 Artifact (All Time).
5 Artifacts Find 5 Artifacts.
10 Artifacts Find 10 Artifacts.
20 Artifacts Find 20 Artifacts.
35 Artifacts Find 35 Artifacts.
50 Artifacts Find 50 Artifacts.
75 Artifacts Find 75 Artifacts.
Gems - 23 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Gem Gain 1 Gem (Total)
50 Gems Gain 50 Gems
150 Gems Gain 150 Gems
500 Gems Gain 500 Gems
1000 Gems Gain 1,000 Gems
5000 Gems Gain 5,000 Gems
15000 Gems Gain 15,000 Gems
50000 Gems Gain 50,000 Gems
100000 Gems Gain 100,000 Gems
1 Billion Gems Gain 1 B (1E9) Gems
1 Quadrillion Gems Gain 1 Qa (1E15) Gems
1 Sextillion Gems Gain 1 Sx (1E21) Gems
1 Nonillion Gems Gain 1 No (1E30) Gems
1 Duodecillion Gems Gain 1 Dd (1E39) Gems
1 Quindecillion Gems Gain 1 Qid (1E48) Gems
1 Octodecillion Gems Gain 1 Ocd (1E57) Gems
1 Unvigintillion Gems Gain 1 Uvg (1E66) Gems
1 Quadravigintillion Gems Gain 1 Qavg (1E75) Gems
1 Septenvigintillion Gems Gain 1 Spvg (1E84) Gems
1 Trigintillion Gems Gain 1 Tg (1E93) Gems
1 Tretrigintillion Gems Gain 1 Ttg (1E102) Gems
1 Sextrigintillion Gems Gain 1 Sxtg (1E111) Gems
1 Unquadragintillion Gems Gain 1 Uqag (1E126) Gems
Rubies - 4 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Ruby Gain 1 Ruby (All time)
10 Rubies Gain 10 Rubies
25 Rubies Gain 25 Rubies
50 Rubies Gain 50 Rubies
Upgrades - 11 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Upgrade Purchase 1 Upgrade (in a single game)
5 Upgrades Purchase 5 Upgrades
15 Upgrades Purchase 15 Upgrades
30 Upgrades Purchase 30 Upgrades
50 Upgrades Purchase 50 Upgrades
85 Upgrades Purchase 85 Upgrades
120 Upgrades Purchase 120 Upgrades
175 Upgrades Purchase 175 Upgrades
235 Upgrades Purchase 235 Upgrades
305 Upgrades Purchase 305 Upgrades
385 Upgrades Purchase 385 Upgrades
Reincarnations - 20 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Trophy-R1.png 1 Reincarnation Reincarnate 1 time
Trophy-R3.png 3 Reincarnations Reincarnate 3 times
Trophy-R5.png 5 Reincarnations Reincarnate 5 times
Trophy-R7.png 7 Reincarnations Reincarnate 7 times
Trophy-R10.png 10 Reincarnations Reincarnate 10 times
Trophy-R12.png 12 Reincarnations Reincarnate 12 times
Trophy-R15.png 15 Reincarnations Reincarnate 15 times
Trophy-R20.png 20 Reincarnations Reincarnate 20 times
Trophy-R25.png 25 Reincarnations Reincarnate 25 times
Trophy-R30.png 30 Reincarnations Reincarnate 30 times
Trophy-R35.png 35 Reincarnations Reincarnate 35 times
Trophy-R40.png 40 Reincarnations
Ascend 1 time
Trophy-R45.png 45 Reincarnations (PA) Reincarnate 45 times
Trophy-R50.png 50 Reincarnations (PA) Reincarnate 50 times
Trophy-R60.png 60 Reincarnations (PA) Reincarnate 60 times
Trophy-R70.png 70 Reincarnations (PA) Reincarnate 70 times
Trophy-R85.png 85 Reincarnations (PA) Reincarnate 85 times
Trophy-R100.png 100 Reincarnations (PA2) Reincarnate 100 times
125 Reincarnations (PA2) Reincarnate 125 times
150 Reincarnations (PA2) Reincarnate 150 times
Misc - 16 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Trophy-Archaeology-Expedition.png Archaeology Expedition You have funded an archaeology expedition to find relics of the Ancient Races. (Excavate for 1st time.)
Clouded.PNG Clouded Register your realm in the Cloud Service!
("Cloud options" in the Options)
VanillaChallenger.png Vanilla Challenger Complete all the Vanilla Challenges.
NeutralChallenger.png Neutral Challenger Complete all the Neutral Challenges.
Prestige Challenger Complete all the Prestige(?) Challenges.
Elite Challenger Complete all the Mercenary(?) Challenges.
NoviceResearcher.png Novice Researcher Research 600 times across all fields.
IntermediateResearcher.png Intermediate Researcher Research 1800 times across all fields.
ExpertResearcher.png Expert Researcher Research 2750 times across all fields.
MasterResearcher.png Master Researcher (PA) Research 10000 times across all fields.
GrandmasterResearcher.png Grandmaster Researcher (PA) Research 18500 times across all fields.
VanillaResearcher.png Vanilla Researcher Discover all the Vanilla researches.
AncientResearcher.png Ancient Researcher Discover all the Ancient Races researches.
UnderworldResearcher.png Underworld Researcher Discover all the Underworld researches.
EternalResearcher.png Eternal Researcher (PA) Discover all the Dragon researches.
WarriorResearcher.png Warrior Researcher (PA) Discover all the Mercenary researches.

(?) I haven't unlocked it yet, but it should be on here

Magic Trophies[edit | edit source]

Mana - 14 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Mana Droplet Produce 200 mana (Total)
Mana Rain Produce 2,000 mana
Mana Surge Produce 5,000 mana
Mana Fountain Produce 10,000 mana
Mana Shower Produce 20,000 mana
Mana Stream Produce 100,000 mana
Mana Flood Produce 200,000 mana
Mana Wave (PA) Produce 20 M (2E7) mana
Mana River (PA) Produce 1 B (1E9) mana
Mana Lake (PA) Produce 20 B (2E10) mana
Mana Sea (PA) Produce 1 T (1E12) mana
Mana Ocean (PA) Produce 2 T (2E12) mana
Mana Spring (PA2) Produce 100 T (1E14) mana
Mana Falls (PA2) Produce 200 Qi (2E20) mana
Spell Casts - 16 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Magic User 10 spell casts (in a single game)
Magic Abuser 100 spell casts
Spell Prodigy 500 spells casts
Mana Leaker 1,000 spell casts
Mana Eraser 2,000 spell casts
Autocaster 5,000 spell casts
Spell Spammer 20,000 spell casts
Mana Annihilator 50,000 spell casts
Master Channeler 100,000 spell casts
Caster Supreme 200,000 spell casts
Spell Superiority 500,000 spell casts
Massive Autocaster 1 M (1E6) spell casts
Spell Weaver 50 M (5E7) spell casts
Archwizard 1 B (1E9) spell casts
SpellMaster 50 T (5E13) spell casts
Spell Grinder 10 Qa (1E16) spell casts
Spell Autocasting Unlocks - 9 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Autocast1 upgrade.png Automatic Casting Reach 60,000 mana (Total) - Unlock (and buy) the Automatic Casting upgrade.
Autocast2 upgrade.png Improved Autocasting Reach 2 M (2E6) mana and unlock the Improved Autocasting upgrade.
Autocast3 upgrade.png Masterful Autocasting Reach 6 M (6E6) mana and unlock the Masterful Autocasting upgrade.
Autocast4 upgrade.png Priority Autocasting Reach 12 M (1.2E7) mana and unlock the Priority Autocasting upgrade.
Autocast-5-Contingency.png Contingency Autocasting Reach 20 M (2E7) mana and unlock the Contingency Autocasting upgrade.
Autocast-6-Planned.png Planned Autocasting Reach 30 M (3E7) mana and unlock the Planned Autocasting upgrade.
Autocast-7-Efficient.png Efficient Autocasting Reach 50 M (5E7) mana and unlock the Efficient Autocasting upgrade.
Reverse Autocasting (PA) Reach 150 M mana and unlock the Reverse Autocasting upgrade.
Autocast8 upgrade.png Tiered Autocasting (PA) Reach 200 M (2E8) mana and unlock the Tiered Autocasting upgrade.
Tier Spells (PA) - 6 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Arcane Brilliance 1 Unlock tier 2 for all spells
Arcane Brilliance 2 Unlock tier 3 for all spells
Arcane Brilliance 3 Unlock tier 4 for all spells
Arcane Brilliance 4 Unlock tier 5 for all spells
Arcane Brilliance 5 Unlock tier 6 for all spells
Arcane Brilliance 6 (PA2) Unlock tier 7 for all spells
Spells - 16 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Coin Pillage.png Coin Pillage Default Spell: Cast 150 Tax Collection spells in less than 5 seconds.
Fairy Choir.png Fairy Choir Fairy Spell: Cast Fairy Chanting while having 45 or more assistants.
Sun Blessing.png Sun Blessing Elven Spell: Activate the Moon Blessing spell after 6 am and before 12 pm (noon).
God's Rest.png God's Rest Angel Spell: Cast God's Hand on any Sunday.
Greed Drive.png Greed Drive Goblin Spell: Cast 100 Goblin's Greed spells in a row while not casting any other spell).
Note: Spell casts from the Goblin's Central Bank upgrade are included in the [stats], but they do not count for this trophy.
True Night.png True Night Undead Spell: Activate the Night Time spell after 11 pm and before 6 am.
Hell-rush-spell-upgrade.png Hell Rush Demon Spell: Cast Hellfire Blast in the first 60 seconds of playtime.
Lightning Storm.png Lightning Storm Titan Spell: Cast Lightning Strike 100 times in a single game.
Halls Of Balance.png Halls of Balance Druid Spell: Have Grand Balance affect Hall of Legends.
Faceless-Overmind-spell-upgrade.png Faceless Overmind Faceless Spell: Affiliate with the Faceless 5 times in a row. (Buy Faceless Trade Treaty 5x in a row)
Minedwarf.png Minedwarf Dwarf Spell: Find 30,000 Faction Coins from Diamond Pickaxe in a single game.
Perfect Combo.png Perfect Combo Drow Spell: Cast a chain of 100 Combo Strikes in a single game. The chain is interrupted by casting a different spell.
Dragons Roar.png Dragon's Roar
Dragon Spell: Cast Dragon's Breath while having at least 4 other active spells.

As of the 3.0 update, Tier Spell trophies now passively reduce the time requirement for subsequent spell tiers.

Building Trophies[edit | edit source]

Building Types - 25x22 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Farm Build 1 Farm (in a single game)
50 Farms Build 50 Farms
100 Farms Build 100 Farms
150 Farms Build 150 Farms
200 Farms Build 200 Farms
300 Farms Build 300 Farms
400 Farms Build 400 Farms
500 Farms Build 500 Farms
600 Farms Build 600 Farms
700 Farms Build 700 Farms
800 Farms Build 800 Farms
900 Farms Build 900 Farms
1000 Farms Build 1000 Farms
1500 Farms Build 1500 Farms
2000 Farms Build 2000 Farms
2500 Farms Build 2500 Farms
3000 Farms Build 3000 Farms
3500 Farms Build 3500 Farms
5000 Farms Build 5000 Farms
7500 Farms Build 7500 Farms
12000 Farms Build 12000 Farms
20000 Farms Build 20000 Farms
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Inn Build 1 Inn
50 Inns Build 50 Inns
100 Inns Build 100 Inns
150 Inns Build 150 Inns
200 Inns Build 200 Inns
300 Inns Build 300 Inns
400 Inns Build 400 Inns
500 Inns Build 500 Inns
600 Inns Build 600 Inns
700 Inns Build 700 Inns
800 Inns Build 800 Inns
900 Inns Build 900 Inns
1000 Inns Build 1000 Inns
1500 Inns Build 1500 Inns
2000 Inns Build 2000 Inns
2500 Inns Build 2500 Inns
3000 Inns Build 3000 Inns
3500 Inns Build 3500 Inns
5000 Inns Build 5000 Inns
7500 Inns Build 7500 Inns
12000 Inns Build 12000 Inns
20000 Inns Build 20000 Inns
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Blacksmith Build 1 Blacksmith
50 Blacksmiths Build 50 Blacksmiths
100 Blacksmiths Build 100 Blacksmiths
150 Blacksmiths Build 150 Blacksmiths
200 Blacksmiths Build 200 Blacksmiths
300 Blacksmiths Build 300 Blacksmiths
400 Blacksmiths Build 400 Blacksmiths
500 Blacksmiths Build 500 Blacksmiths
600 Blacksmiths Build 600 Blacksmiths
700 Blacksmiths Build 700 Blacksmiths
800 Blacksmiths Build 800 Blacksmiths
900 Blacksmiths Build 900 Blacksmiths
1000 Blacksmiths Build 1000 Blacksmiths
1500 Blacksmiths Build 1500 Blacksmiths
2000 Blacksmiths Build 2000 Blacksmiths
2500 Blacksmiths Build 2500 Blacksmiths
3000 Blacksmiths Build 3000 Blacksmiths
3500 Blacksmiths Build 3500 Blacksmiths
5000 Blacksmiths Build 5000 Blacksmiths
7500 Blacksmiths Build 7500 Blacksmiths
12000 Blacksmiths Build 12000 Blacksmiths
20000 Blacksmiths Build 20000 Blacksmiths
Warrior Barracks
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Warrior Barrack Build 1 Warrior Barrack
50 Warrior Barracks Build 50 Warrior Barracks
100 Warrior Barracks Build 100 Warrior Barracks
150 Warrior Barracks Build 150 Warrior Barracks
200 Warrior Barracks Build 200 Warrior Barracks
300 Warrior Barracks Build 300 Warrior Barracks
400 Warrior Barracks Build 400 Warrior Barracks
500 Warrior Barracks Build 500 Warrior Barracks
600 Warrior Barracks Build 600 Warrior Barracks
700 Warrior Barracks Build 700 Warrior Barracks
800 Warrior Barracks Build 800 Warrior Barracks
900 Warrior Barracks Build 900 Warrior Barracks
1000 Warrior Barracks Build 1000 Warrior Barracks
1500 Warrior Barracks Build 1500 Warrior Barracks
2000 Warrior Barracks Build 2000 Warrior Barracks
2500 Warrior Barracks Build 2500 Warrior Barracks
3000 Warrior Barracks Build 3000 Warrior Barracks
3500 Warrior Barracks Build 3500 Warrior Barracks
5000 Warrior Barracks Build 5000 Warrior Barracks
7500 Warrior Barracks Build 7500 Warrior Barracks
12000 Warrior Barracks Build 12000 Warrior Barracks
20000 Warrior Barracks Build 20000 Warrior Barracks
Knights Jousts
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Knights Joust Build 1 Knights Joust
50 Knights Jousts Build 50 Knights Jousts
100 Knights Jousts Build 100 Knights Jousts
150 Knights Jousts Build 150 Knights Jousts
200 Knights Jousts Build 200 Knights Jousts
300 Knights Jousts Build 300 Knights Jousts
400 Knights Jousts Build 400 Knights Jousts
500 Knights Jousts Build 500 Knights Jousts
600 Knights Jousts Build 600 Knights Jousts
700 Knights Jousts Build 700 Knights Jousts
800 Knights Jousts Build 800 Knights Jousts
900 Knights Jousts Build 900 Knights Jousts
1000 Knights Jousts Build 1000 Knights Jousts
1500 Knights Jousts Build 1500 Knights Jousts
2000 Knights Jousts Build 2000 Knights Jousts
2500 Knights Jousts Build 2500 Knights Jousts
3000 Knights Jousts Build 3000 Knights Jousts
3500 Knights Jousts Build 3500 Knights Jousts
5000 Knights Jousts Build 5000 Knights Jousts
7500 Knights Jousts Build 7500 Knights Jousts
12000 Knights Jousts Build 12000 Knights Jousts
20000 Knights Jousts Build 20000 Knights Jousts
Wizard Towers
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Wizard Tower Build 1 Wizard Tower
50 Wizard Towers Build 50 Wizard Towers
100 Wizard Towers Build 100 Wizard Towers
150 Wizard Towers Build 150 Wizard Towers
200 Wizard Towers Build 200 Wizard Towers
300 Wizard Towers Build 300 Wizard Towers
400 Wizard Towers Build 400 Wizard Towers
500 Wizard Towers Build 500 Wizard Towers
600 Wizard Towers Build 600 Wizard Towers
700 Wizard Towers Build 700 Wizard Towers
800 Wizard Towers Build 800 Wizard Towers
900 Wizard Towers Build 900 Wizard Towers
1000 Wizard Towers Build 1000 Wizard Towers
1500 Wizard Towers Build 1500 Wizard Towers
2000 Wizard Towers Build 2000 Wizard Towers
2500 Wizard Towers Build 2500 Wizard Towers
3000 Wizard Towers Build 3000 Wizard Towers
3500 Wizard Towers Build 3500 Wizard Towers
5000 Wizard Towers Build 5000 Wizard Towers
7500 Wizard Towers Build 7500 Wizard Towers
12000 Wizard Towers Build 12000 Wizard Towers
20000 Wizard Towers Build 20000 Wizard Towers
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Cathedral Build 1 Cathedral
50 Cathedrals Build 50 Cathedrals
100 Cathedrals Build 100 Cathedrals
150 Cathedrals Build 150 Cathedrals
200 Cathedrals Build 200 Cathedrals
300 Cathedrals Build 300 Cathedrals
400 Cathedrals Build 400 Cathedrals
500 Cathedrals Build 500 Cathedrals
600 Cathedrals Build 600 Cathedrals
700 Cathedrals Build 700 Cathedrals
800 Cathedrals Build 800 Cathedrals
900 Cathedrals Build 900 Cathedrals
1000 Cathedrals Build 1000 Cathedrals
1500 Cathedrals Build 1500 Cathedrals
2000 Cathedrals Build 2000 Cathedrals
2500 Cathedrals Build 2500 Cathedrals
3000 Cathedrals Build 3000 Cathedrals
3500 Cathedrals Build 3500 Cathedrals
5000 Cathedrals Build 5000 Cathedrals
7500 Cathedrals Build 7500 Cathedrals
12000 Cathedrals Build 12000 Cathedrals
20000 Cathedrals Build 20000 Cathedrals
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Citadel Build 1 Citadel
50 Citadels Build 50 Citadels
100 Citadels Build 100 Citadels
150 Citadels Build 150 Citadels
200 Citadels Build 200 Citadels
300 Citadels Build 300 Citadels
400 Citadels Build 400 Citadels
500 Citadels Build 500 Citadels
600 Citadels Build 600 Citadels
700 Citadels Build 700 Citadels
800 Citadels Build 800 Citadels
900 Citadels Build 900 Citadels
1000 Citadels Build 1000 Citadels
1500 Citadels Build 1500 Citadels
2000 Citadels Build 2000 Citadels
2500 Citadels Build 2500 Citadels
3000 Citadels Build 3000 Citadels
3500 Citadels Build 3500 Citadels
5000 Citadels Build 5000 Citadels
7500 Citadels Build 7500 Citadels
12000 Citadels Build 12000 Citadels
20000 Citadels Build 20000 Citadels
Royal Castles
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Royal Castle Build 1 Royal Castle
50 Royal Castles Build 50 Royal Castles
100 Royal Castles Build 100 Royal Castles
150 Royal Castles Build 150 Royal Castles
200 Royal Castles Build 200 Royal Castles
300 Royal Castles Build 300 Royal Castles
400 Royal Castles Build 400 Royal Castles
500 Royal Castles Build 500 Royal Castles
600 Royal Castles Build 600 Royal Castles
700 Royal Castles Build 700 Royal Castles
800 Royal Castles Build 800 Royal Castles
900 Royal Castles Build 900 Royal Castles
1000 Royal Castles Build 1000 Royal Castles
1500 Royal Castles Build 1500 Royal Castles
2000 Royal Castles Build 2000 Royal Castles
2500 Royal Castles Build 2500 Royal Castles
3000 Royal Castles Build 3000 Royal Castles
3500 Royal Castles Build 3500 Royal Castles
5000 Royal Castles Build 5000 Royal Castles
7500 Royal Castles Build 7500 Royal Castles
12000 Royal Castles Build 12000 Royal Castles
20000 Royal Castles Build 20000 Royal Castles
Heaven's Gates
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Heaven's Gates Build 1 Heaven's Gate
50 Heaven's Gates Build 50 Heaven's Gates
100 Heaven's Gates Build 100 Heaven's Gates
150 Heaven's Gates Build 150 Heaven's Gates
200 Heaven's Gates Build 200 Heaven's Gates
300 Heaven's Gates Build 300 Heaven's Gates
400 Heaven's Gates Build 400 Heaven's Gates
500 Heaven's Gates Build 500 Heaven's Gates
600 Heaven's Gates Build 600 Heaven's Gates
700 Heaven's Gates Build 700 Heaven's Gates
800 Heaven's Gates Build 800 Heaven's Gates
900 Heaven's Gates Build 900 Heaven's Gates
1000 Heaven's Gates Build 1000 Heaven's Gates
1500 Heaven's Gates Build 1500 Heaven's Gates
2000 Heaven's Gates Build 2000 Heaven's Gates
2500 Heaven's Gates Build 2500 Heaven's Gates
3000 Heaven's Gates Build 3000 Heaven's Gates
3500 Heaven's Gates Build 3500 Heaven's Gates
5000 Heaven's Gates Build 5000 Heaven's Gates
7500 Heaven's Gates Build 7500 Heaven's Gates
12000 Heaven's Gates Build 12000 Heaven's Gates
20000 Heaven's Gates Build 20000 Heaven's Gates
Slave Pens
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Slave Pen Build 1 Slave Pen
50 Slave Pens Build 50 Slave Pens
100 Slave Pens Build 100 Slave Pens
150 Slave Pens Build 150 Slave Pens
200 Slave Pens Build 200 Slave Pens
300 Slave Pens Build 300 Slave Pens
400 Slave Pens Build 400 Slave Pens
500 Slave Pens Build 500 Slave Pens
600 Slave Pens Build 600 Slave Pens
700 Slave Pens Build 700 Slave Pens
800 Slave Pens Build 800 Slave Pens
900 Slave Pens Build 900 Slave Pens
1000 Slave Pens Build 1000 Slave Pens
1500 Slave Pens Build 1500 Slave Pens
2000 Slave Pens Build 2000 Slave Pens
2500 Slave Pens Build 2500 Slave Pens
3000 Slave Pens Build 3000 Slave Pens
3500 Slave Pens Build 3500 Slave Pens
5000 Slave Pens Build 5000 Slave Pens
7500 Slave Pens Build 7500 Slave Pens
12000 Slave Pens Build 12000 Slave Pens
20000 Slave Pens Build 20000 Slave Pens
Orcish Arenas
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Orcish Arena Build 1 Orcish Arena
50 Orcish Arenas Build 50 Orcish Arenas
100 Orcish Arenas Build 100 Orcish Arenas
150 Orcish Arenas Build 150 Orcish Arenas
200 Orcish Arenas Build 200 Orcish Arenas
300 Orcish Arenas Build 300 Orcish Arenas
400 Orcish Arenas Build 400 Orcish Arenas
500 Orcish Arenas Build 500 Orcish Arenas
600 Orcish Arenas Build 600 Orcish Arenas
700 Orcish Arenas Build 700 Orcish Arenas
800 Orcish Arenas Build 800 Orcish Arenas
900 Orcish Arenas Build 900 Orcish Arenas
1000 Orcish Arenas Build 1000 Orcish Arenas
1500 Orcish Arenas Build 1500 Orcish Arenas
2000 Orcish Arenas Build 2000 Orcish Arenas
2500 Orcish Arenas Build 2500 Orcish Arenas
3000 Orcish Arenas Build 3000 Orcish Arenas
3500 Orcish Arenas Build 3500 Orcish Arenas
5000 Orcish Arenas Build 5000 Orcish Arenas
7500 Orcish Arenas Build 7500 Orcish Arenas
12000 Orcish Arenas Build 12000 Orcish Arenas
20000 Orcish Arenas Build 20000 Orcish Arenas
Witch Conclaves
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Witch Conclave Build 1 Witch Conclave
50 Witch Conclaves Build 50 Witch Conclaves
100 Witch Conclaves Build 100 Witch Conclaves
150 Witch Conclaves Build 150 Witch Conclaves
200 Witch Conclaves Build 200 Witch Conclaves
300 Witch Conclaves Build 300 Witch Conclaves
400 Witch Conclaves Build 400 Witch Conclaves
500 Witch Conclaves Build 500 Witch Conclaves
600 Witch Conclaves Build 600 Witch Conclaves
700 Witch Conclaves Build 700 Witch Conclaves
800 Witch Conclaves Build 800 Witch Conclaves
900 Witch Conclaves Build 900 Witch Conclaves
1000 Witch Conclaves Build 1000 Witch Conclaves
1500 Witch Conclaves Build 1500 Witch Conclaves
2000 Witch Conclaves Build 2000 Witch Conclaves
2500 Witch Conclaves Build 2500 Witch Conclaves
3000 Witch Conclaves Build 3000 Witch Conclaves
3500 Witch Conclaves Build 3500 Witch Conclaves
5000 Witch Conclaves Build 5000 Witch Conclaves
7500 Witch Conclaves Build 7500 Witch Conclaves
12000 Witch Conclaves Build 12000 Witch Conclaves
20000 Witch Conclaves Build 20000 Witch Conclaves
Dark Temples
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Dark Temple Build 1 Dark Temple
50 Dark Temples Build 50 Dark Temples
100 Dark Temples Build 100 Dark Temples
150 Dark Temples Build 150 Dark Temples
200 Dark Temples Build 200 Dark Temples
300 Dark Temples Build 300 Dark Temples
400 Dark Temples Build 400 Dark Temples
500 Dark Temples Build 500 Dark Temples
600 Dark Temples Build 600 Dark Temples
700 Dark Temples Build 700 Dark Temples
800 Dark Temples Build 800 Dark Temples
900 Dark Temples Build 900 Dark Temples
1000 Dark Temples Build 1000 Dark Temples
1500 Dark Temples Build 1500 Dark Temples
2000 Dark Temples Build 2000 Dark Temples
2500 Dark Temples Build 2500 Dark Temples
3000 Dark Temples Build 3000 Dark Temples
3500 Dark Temples Build 3500 Dark Temples
5000 Dark Temples Build 5000 Dark Temples
7500 Dark Temples Build 7500 Dark Temples
12000 Dark Temples Build 12000 Dark Temples
20000 Dark Temples Build 20000 Dark Temples
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Necropolis Build 1 Necropolis
50 Necropolises Build 50 Necropolises
100 Necropolises Build 100 Necropolises
150 Necropolises Build 150 Necropolises
200 Necropolises Build 200 Necropolises
300 Necropolises Build 300 Necropolises
400 Necropolises Build 400 Necropolises
500 Necropolises Build 500 Necropolises
600 Necropolises Build 600 Necropolises
700 Necropolises Build 700 Necropolises
800 Necropolises Build 800 Necropolises
900 Necropolises Build 900 Necropolises
1000 Necropolises Build 1000 Necropolises
1500 Necropolises Build 1500 Necropolises
2000 Necropolises Build 2000 Necropolises
2500 Necropolises Build 2500 Necropolises
3000 Necropolises Build 3000 Necropolises
3500 Necropolises Build 3500 Necropolises
5000 Necropolises Build 5000 Necropolises
7500 Necropolises Build 7500 Necropolises
12000 Necropolises Build 12000 Necropolises
20000 Necropolises Build 20000 Necropolises
Evil Fortresses
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Evil Fortress Build 1 Evil Fortress
50 Evil Fortresses Build 50 Evil Fortresses
100 Evil Fortresses Build 100 Evil Fortresses
150 Evil Fortresses Build 150 Evil Fortresses
200 Evil Fortresses Build 200 Evil Fortresses
300 Evil Fortresses Build 300 Evil Fortresses
400 Evil Fortresses Build 400 Evil Fortresses
500 Evil Fortresses Build 500 Evil Fortresses
600 Evil Fortresses Build 600 Evil Fortresses
700 Evil Fortresses Build 700 Evil Fortresses
800 Evil Fortresses Build 800 Evil Fortresses
900 Evil Fortresses Build 900 Evil Fortresses
1000 Evil Fortresses Build 1000 Evil Fortresses
1500 Evil Fortresses Build 1500 Evil Fortresses
2000 Evil Fortresses Build 2000 Evil Fortresses
2500 Evil Fortresses Build 2500 Evil Fortresses
3000 Evil Fortresses Build 3000 Evil Fortresses
3500 Evil Fortresses Build 3500 Evil Fortresses
5000 Evil Fortresses Build 5000 Evil Fortresses
7500 Evil Fortresses Build 7500 Evil Fortresses
12000 Evil Fortresses Build 12000 Evil Fortresses
20000 Evil Fortresses Build 20000 Evil Fortresses
Hell Portals
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Hell Portal Build 1 Hell Portal
50 Hell Portals Build 50 Hell Portals
100 Hell Portals Build 100 Hell Portals
150 Hell Portals Build 150 Hell Portals
200 Hell Portals Build 200 Hell Portals
300 Hell Portals Build 300 Hell Portals
400 Hell Portals Build 400 Hell Portals
500 Hell Portals Build 500 Hell Portals
600 Hell Portals Build 600 Hell Portals
700 Hell Portals Build 700 Hell Portals
800 Hell Portals Build 800 Hell Portals
900 Hell Portals Build 900 Hell Portals
1000 Hell Portals Build 1000 Hell Portals
1500 Hell Portals Build 1500 Hell Portals
2000 Hell Portals Build 2000 Hell Portals
2500 Hell Portals Build 2500 Hell Portals
3000 Hell Portals Build 3000 Hell Portals
3500 Hell Portals Build 3500 Hell Portals
5000 Hell Portals Build 5000 Hell Portals
7500 Hell Portals Build 7500 Hell Portals
12000 Hell Portals Build 12000 Hell Portals
20000 Hell Portals Build 20000 Hell Portals
Deep Mines
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Deep Mine Build 1 Deep mine
50 Deep Mines Build 50 Deep Mines
100 Deep Mines Build 100 Deep Mines
150 Deep Mines Build 150 Deep Mines
200 Deep Mines Build 200 Deep Mines
300 Deep Mines Build 300 Deep Mines
400 Deep Mines Build 400 Deep Mines
500 Deep Mines Build 500 Deep Mines
600 Deep Mines Build 600 Deep Mines
700 Deep Mines Build 700 Deep Mines
800 Deep Mines Build 800 Deep Mines
900 Deep Mines Build 900 Deep Mines
1000 Deep Mines Build 1000 Deep Mines
1500 Deep Mines Build 1500 Deep Mines
2000 Deep Mines Build 2000 Deep Mines
2500 Deep Mines Build 2500 Deep Mines
3000 Deep Mines Build 3000 Deep Mines
3500 Deep Mines Build 3500 Deep Mines
5000 Deep Mines Build 5000 Deep Mines
7500 Deep Mines Build 7500 Deep Mines
12000 Deep Mines Build 12000 Deep Mines
20000 Deep Mines Build 20000 Deep Mines
Stone Pillars
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Stone Pillar Build 1 Stone Pillar
50 Stone Pillars Build 50 Stone Pillars
100 Stone Pillars Build 100 Stone Pillars
150 Stone Pillars Build 150 Stone Pillars
200 Stone Pillars Build 200 Stone Pillars
300 Stone Pillars Build 300 Stone Pillars
400 Stone Pillars Build 400 Stone Pillars
500 Stone Pillars Build 500 Stone Pillars
600 Stone Pillars Build 600 Stone Pillars
700 Stone Pillars Build 700 Stone Pillars
800 Stone Pillars Build 800 Stone Pillars
900 Stone Pillars Build 900 Stone Pillars
1000 Stone Pillars Build 1000 Stone Pillars
1500 Stone Pillars Build 1500 Stone Pillars
2000 Stone Pillars Build 2000 Stone Pillars
2500 Stone Pillars Build 2500 Stone Pillars
3000 Stone Pillars Build 3000 Stone Pillars
3500 Stone Pillars Build 3500 Stone Pillars
5000 Stone Pillars Build 5000 Stone Pillars
7500 Stone Pillars Build 7500 Stone Pillars
12000 Stone Pillars Build 12000 Stone Pillars
20000 Stone Pillars Build 20000 Stone Pillars
Alchemist Labs
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Alchemist Lab Build 1 Alchemist Lab
50 Alchemist Labs Build 50 Alchemist Labs
100 Alchemist Labs Build 100 Alchemist Labs
150 Alchemist Labs Build 150 Alchemist Labs
200 Alchemist Labs Build 200 Alchemist Labs
300 Alchemist Labs Build 300 Alchemist Labs
400 Alchemist Labs Build 400 Alchemist Labs
500 Alchemist Labs Build 500 Alchemist Labs
600 Alchemist Labs Build 600 Alchemist Labs
700 Alchemist Labs Build 700 Alchemist Labs
800 Alchemist Labs Build 800 Alchemist Labs
900 Alchemist Labs Build 900 Alchemist Labs
1000 Alchemist Labs Build 1000 Alchemist Labs
1500 Alchemist Labs Build 1500 Alchemist Labs
2000 Alchemist Labs Build 2000 Alchemist Labs
2500 Alchemist Labs Build 2500 Alchemist Labs
3000 Alchemist Labs Build 3000 Alchemist Labs
3500 Alchemist Labs Build 3500 Alchemist Labs
5000 Alchemist Labs Build 5000 Alchemist Labs
7500 Alchemist Labs Build 7500 Alchemist Labs
12000 Alchemist Labs Build 12000 Alchemist Labs
20000 Alchemist Labs Build 20000 Alchemist Labs
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Monastery Build 1 Monastery
50 Monasteries Build 50 Monasteries
100 Monasteries Build 100 Monasteries
150 Monasteries Build 150 Monasteries
200 Monasteries Build 200 Monasteries
300 Monasteries Build 300 Monasteries
400 Monasteries Build 400 Monasteries
500 Monasteries Build 500 Monasteries
600 Monasteries Build 600 Monasteries
700 Monasteries Build 700 Monasteries
800 Monasteries Build 800 Monasteries
900 Monasteries Build 900 Monasteries
1000 Monasteries Build 1000 Monasteries
1500 Monasteries Build 1500 Monasteries
2000 Monasteries Build 2000 Monasteries
2500 Monasteries Build 2500 Monasteries
3000 Monasteries Build 3000 Monasteries
3500 Monasteries Build 3500 Monasteries
5000 Monasteries Build 5000 Monasteries
7500 Monasteries Build 7500 Monasteries
12000 Monasteries Build 12000 Monasteries
20000 Monasteries Build 20000 Monasteries
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Labyrinth Build 1 Labyrinth
50 Labyrinths Build 50 Labyrinths
100 Labyrinths Build 100 Labyrinths
150 Labyrinths Build 150 Labyrinths
200 Labyrinths Build 200 Labyrinths
300 Labyrinths Build 300 Labyrinths
400 Labyrinths Build 400 Labyrinths
500 Labyrinths Build 500 Labyrinths
600 Labyrinths Build 600 Labyrinths
700 Labyrinths Build 700 Labyrinths
800 Labyrinths Build 800 Labyrinths
900 Labyrinths Build 900 Labyrinths
1000 Labyrinths Build 1000 Labyrinths
1500 Labyrinths Build 1500 Labyrinths
2000 Labyrinths Build 1600 Labyrinths
2500 Labyrinths Build 2500 Labyrinths
3000 Labyrinths Build 3000 Labyrinths
3500 Labyrinths Build 3500 Labyrinths
5000 Labyrinths Build 5000 Labyrinths
7500 Labyrinths Build 7500 Labyrinths
12000 Labyrinths Build 12000 Labyrinths
20000 Labyrinths Build 20000 Labyrinths
Iron Strongholds
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Iron Stronghold Build 1 Iron Stronghold
50 Iron Strongholds Build 50 Iron Strongholds
100 Iron Strongholds Build 100 Iron Strongholds
150 Iron Strongholds Build 150 Iron Strongholds
200 Iron Strongholds Build 200 Iron Strongholds
300 Iron Strongholds Build 300 Iron Strongholds
400 Iron Strongholds Build 400 Iron Strongholds
500 Iron Strongholds Build 500 Iron Strongholds
600 Iron Strongholds Build 600 Iron Strongholds
700 Iron Strongholds Build 700 Iron Strongholds
800 Iron Strongholds Build 800 Iron Strongholds
900 Iron Strongholds Build 900 Iron Strongholds
1000 Iron Strongholds Build 1000 Iron Strongholds
1500 Iron Strongholds Build 1500 Iron Strongholds
2000 Iron Strongholds Build 2000 Iron Strongholds
2500 Iron Strongholds Build 2500 Iron Strongholds
3000 Iron Strongholds Build 3000 Iron Strongholds
3500 Iron Strongholds Build 3500 Iron Strongholds
5000 Iron Strongholds Build 5000 Iron Strongholds
7500 Iron Strongholds Build 7500 Iron Strongholds
12000 Iron Strongholds Build 12000 Iron Strongholds
20000 Iron Strongholds Build 20000 Iron Strongholds
Ancient Pyramids
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Ancient Pyramid Build 1 Ancient Pyramid
50 Ancient Pyramids Build 50 Ancient Pyramids
100 Ancient Pyramids Build 100 Ancient Pyramids
150 Ancient Pyramids Build 150 Ancient Pyramids
200 Ancient Pyramids Build 200 Ancient Pyramids
300 Ancient Pyramids Build 300 Ancient Pyramids
400 Ancient Pyramids Build 400 Ancient Pyramids
500 Ancient Pyramids Build 500 Ancient Pyramids
600 Ancient Pyramids Build 600 Ancient Pyramids
700 Ancient Pyramids Build 700 Ancient Pyramids
800 Ancient Pyramids Build 800 Ancient Pyramids
900 Ancient Pyramids Build 900 Ancient Pyramids
1000 Ancient Pyramids Build 1000 Ancient Pyramids
1500 Ancient Pyramids Build 1500 Ancient Pyramids
2000 Ancient Pyramids Build 2000 Ancient Pyramids
2500 Ancient Pyramids Build 2500 Ancient Pyramids
3000 Ancient Pyramids Build 3000 Ancient Pyramids
3500 Ancient Pyramids Build 3500 Ancient Pyramids
5000 Ancient Pyramids Build 5000 Ancient Pyramids
7500 Ancient Pyramids Build 7500 Ancient Pyramids
12000 Ancient Pyramids Build 12000 Ancient Pyramids
20000 Ancient Pyramids Build 20000 Ancient Pyramids
Halls of Legends
Name Unlock Requirement
1 Hall of Legend Build 1 Hall of Legends
50 Halls of Legends Build 50 Halls of Legends
100 Halls of Legends Build 100 Halls of Legends
150 Halls of Legends Build 150 Halls of Legends
200 Halls of Legends Build 200 Halls of Legends
300 Halls of Legends Build 300 Halls of Legends
400 Halls of Legends Build 400 Halls of Legends
500 Halls of Legends Build 500 Halls of Legends
600 Halls of Legends Build 600 Halls of Legends
700 Halls of Legends Build 700 Halls of Legends
800 Halls of Legends Build 800 Halls of Legends
900 Halls of Legends Build 900 Halls of Legends
1000 Halls of Legends Build 1,000 Halls of Legends
1500 Halls of Legends Build 1,500 Halls of Legends
2000 Halls of Legends Build 2,000 Halls of Legends
2500 Halls of Legends Build 2,500 Halls of Legends
3000 Halls of Legends Build 3,000 Halls of Legends
3500 Halls of Legends Build 3,500 Halls of Legends
5000 Halls of Legends Build 5,000 Halls of Legends
7500 Halls of Legends Build 7,500 Halls of Legends
12000 Halls of Legends Build 12,000 Halls of Legends
20000 Halls of Legends Build 20,000 Halls of Legends
Total Buildings - 15 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Village Grinder Build a total of 100 buildings (in a single game)
Town Grinder Build a total of 250 buildings
City Grinder Build a total of 500 buildings
Kingdom Grinder Build a total of 1,000 buildings
Empire Grinder Build a total of 2,000 buildings
Realm Grinder Build a total of 3,000 buildings
History Grinder Build a total of 5,000 buildings
World Grinder Build a total of 8,000 buildings
Universe Grinder Build a total of 12,000 buildings
Multiverse Grinder Build a total of 20,000 buildings
Metagrinder Build a total of 35,000 buildings
Overgrinder Build a total of 50,000 buildings
True Grinder Build a total of 125,000 buildings
Master Grinder Build a total of 200,000 buildings
Grandmaster Grinder Build a total of 300,000 buildings

Secret Trophies[edit | edit source]


Secret trophy icons and tooltips only become visible once you have completed them. Each rewards a Secret Upgrade which shows up in the upgrades tab, and in the current game, as soon as you approach their total cost.
To get information on the effects of trophy upgrades, see the Upgrades page.
Most of the information below comes from this forum post, created and maintained by Rahler.

Secret Trophies - 64 Trophies
Name Unlock Requirement
Leet.png Leet Have exactly 1337 Coins at any given time.
Unitary.png Unitary Have exactly 1 of each building at any given time.
Building Hater.png Building Hater Reach 100,000 Coins without building anything.
Grand Diplomat.png Grand Diplomat Ally with each faction at least once.
Exchange Master.png Exchange Master Purchase 500 Royal Exchanges in a single game.
Lucky Neutral.png Lucky Neutral Spend 7777 minutes being Neutral.
(5d 9h 37m)
Perfectly Good.png Perfectly Good Spend 333 hours being Good.
(13d 21h)
Diabolical Evil.png Diabolical Evil Spend 6 days, 66 hours, 666 minutes and 666666 seconds being Evil.
(16d 22h 17m 6s)
Assistant Squasher.png Assistant Squasher Click 100 times on the little assistant above your realm.
(tiny assistants in the background here)
Rewind.png Rewind Abdicate after producing at least 1 Oc (1E27) Coins.
Faction Grinder.png Faction Grinder Purchase the first 6 Faction Heritage upgrades in a single game.
Master Archeologist.png Master Archeologist You have discovered all the relics of the Ancient Races. (Titans, Druids, and Faceless)
Spellfury.png Spellfury Cast Tax Collection while having 3 spells active.
Speed Run.png Speed Run Reach 1 M (1E6) coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power.
(Can be done at R0)
Equality.png Equality With no less than 3 days of playtime, have less than 1 minute of playtime difference for the 3 alignments.
(See tips; counts time only for CURRENT reincarnation)
Beard Carpet.png Beard Carpet Have at least 1km beards on your assistants. (This takes 1d 3h 47m.)
Premeditation.png Premeditation Have at least 850 Dark Temples on any individual run before affiliating with the Drow.
Fast Forward.png Fast Forward Accumulate an offline time of at least 88 hours. The sum of all your offline reports counts towards this purpose.(3d 16h, This R)
Need a Head Start.png Need a Head Start? Don't do anything for 5 minutes after starting a new game.
(Don't buy anything for 5 minutes, acquired while manually clicking to Leet. See tips)
Realm Digger.png Realm Digger Excavate 400 times.
Harlequin.png Harlequin As a Mercenary, purchase one upgrade from 11 different factions.
Lucifer.png Lucifer As a Good Mercenary, purchase only Evil mercenary faction upgrades or vice versa.
Mathematician.png Mathematician Have building amounts exactly equal to 2tier-1 from bottom to top, starting from 20 Halls of Legends.
(1024 Farms, 512 Inns, 256 Blacksmiths, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1 Hall of Legends)
Mercenary Spirit.png Mercenary Spirit Reincarnate while playing as a Mercenary.
Bloodstream.png Bloodstream Purchase 100 upgrades from each faction as a Mercenary (across all Reincarnations)
Unlimited Mana.png Unlimited Mana Have a mana regeneration rate of at least 300 mana per second.
ForScience.png For Science! Purchase all the research facilities.
Exchange Lord.png Exchange Lord Purchase 1500 Royal Exchanges in a single game.
Magician.png Magician Discover at least 10 Spellcraft Researches.
Artisan.png Artisan Discover at least 10 Craftsmanship Researches.
Demigod.png Demigod Discover at least 10 Divine Researches.
Businessman.png Businessman Discover at least 10 Economics Researches.
Apothecary.png Apothecary Discover at least 10 Alchemy Researches.
Warlord.png Warlord Discover at least 10 Warfare Researches.
Secret-trophy53-FactionRun.png Faction Run Reach 1 M (1.5E6) Faction Coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power, Excavations nor any spell.
Norecruit.png No Recruiting Reach 1 Novg (1E90) gems in a Reincarnation without ever affiliating with the Mercenaries. (See Tips)
ThatExcavatedQuickly.png That Excavated Quickly Excavate 1000 times in the first 30 seconds of playtime.
(Can be done from around R9+)
Glho kohhl snod.png glho kohhl snod "Barely whispering these letters makes your heart pound harder..."
(In the options, try to import this: glho kohhl snod)
Mana Matrix.png Mana Matrix Have exactly 4767 maximum mana. (See Tips)
Suggestion Master.png Suggestion Master Open the changelog and ponder about what could be added in there for 3 minutes.

Note: To open the changelog click the version number in the options.

Rule 'dis.png Rule 'dis Abdicate 10 times within 3 minutes.
Because I Like to Grind.png Because I Like to Grind Spend at least 3 hours playing in a single game.
TripleWeirdness.png Triple Weirdness
333 of each Royal Exchange

Note: Whilst the exchange count can be reached before Ascension, the trophy won't be awarded in build 3.0 .

StoicResistance.png Stoic Resistance Reach an amount of Gems in your treasury equal to the requisite of the first Reincarnation (1 Oc (1E27) gems) without abdicating since the start of a new Reincarnation. (See Tips)
Van!shment.png Van!shment Reach an Offline Bonus of at least 1 Qa (1E15)%.
PA: 1895%
Iron Rush.png Iron Rush Reach 725 Iron Strongholds in 5 minutes without use of Gem Power and Reincarnation Power. (Underground Foundations (Dwarf 5) and Siege (W400) DOES NOT work for this trophy)
Colorful Autocasting.png Colorful Autocasting
Have each type of autocasting active simultaneously. (Note: You must use the buttons in the spell tooltip, rather than keyboard shortcuts, in order to trigger this trophy. Make sure "Enable Spell Tooltip Persist" is checked in the options.)
Cata.png Spell Cataclysm
Have at least 4 spells active on tier 5 or higher.

(See Tips)

Advisor Insight.png Advisor Insight Click the Hint button 100 times.
Dragon Tamer.png Dragon Tamer
Fully develop your Spiky Egg into an Elder Dragon.
Helden Sterben Nicht.png Helden Sterben Nicht Join Mercenaries, then Undead, then Angels within 15 minutes since the beginning of a new run in a single game session.
ManaWaste.png Mana Waste Have mana regeneration higher than max mana.
Prismatic mana 2.png Prismatic Mana
Cast the same amount of Faction spells with all Vanilla and Neutral factions with a minimum of 100 each.

Can only be unlocked after ascending once.

SecretAutoclick.png Autoclicker
Perform 40 automatic clicks in one second. Only available at R60 or higher.

(Currently bugged; may require less than 40)

Exchange High Lord.png Exchange High Lord
Purchase 5000 royal exchanges in a single game.
Genealogist.png Genealogist
Have a total of 300 lineage levels.
Holy Frenzy.png Holy Frenzy


Within a single reincarnation, have a combined activity time of at least 3 days from Blood Frenzy and Holy Light.
Uniformity.png Uniformity


With no less than 3 days of playtime, have less than one minute of playtime difference for Order, Chaos and Balance alignments
ArtOfTheCrowAchivement.png Art Of The Crow


Excavate 6 full Faction Artifact Sets
Faction Ruler.png Faction Ruler


Unlock all Advanced Heritages
Mad masks.png
MAD Masks


R125+, Find all fragments of the Makers, Archon and Djinn masks.
Future Linkin (PA2) A2+, Abdicate with at least 150,000 Unique Buildings.
God's Fingers Reach 100 M (1e8) automatic clicks in this Reincarnation.
True Harlequin As a Mercenary, purchase one upgrade from 15 different factions.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Tips, hints, and potential spoilers for acquiring certain (kinds of) trophies.

Keep in mind that there are trophies for all levels of progress and they are all feasible. If you think it's too hard, then you probably need to wait until you progress further.

Tips & Hints
  • Assistant Trophies: Fairy Choir spell upgrade effect does not count for these trophies.
  • Spell Cast Trophies: are based on the amount of spell casts (this Game) in the stats. Offline spell casts and Goblin Central Bank count towards these trophies.
  • 5k Building Type Trophies: With no gifts, tiers 1, 2 and 3 buildings can be done easily below R20 using the Fairy Faction. Unique buildings can be done with individual runs around R25-30. Good Buildings become possible around R34 or maybe even earlier with prestige research (can be done from R29, first get the Earth core with a excavations-oriented run after you got enough gems to reincarnate, then develop the prestige research with Fairy-Dwarf, then run a Angel-Dwarf with Goblin bloodline to get 5K buildings). Evil and Neutral around R38 using a merc build (source) To get all the building type trophies, tweak builds to fit other alignments.
  • 7.5k Building Type Trophies: The earliest methods for these are essentially a repeat of the same for the 5k series. Tiers 1-3 can be easily collected before R39 using Goblin Bloodline and Fairy/Dwarf research. The remaining Neutrals will start to happen naturally in the mid R50s by using Neutral Prestige research, with Good builds becoming viable a little earlier and Evil a little later, mostly depending on gem totals.
  • Mana Wave, River, and Lake Trophies reward upgrades only post-ascension.(as of RG v2.5.0)
  • Ascension marks a unique milestone where unfinished trophies generally become harder at R40 than they were at earlier reincarnations due to a gamewide reduction of bonuses. This setback is effectively temporary, however, and any non-secret trophies that seem difficult at R39 might be best regarded as defacto Post-Ascension tasks that will not be missed if delayed.

Secret Trophies

  • Suggestion Master and glho kohhl snod, do not interfere with getting Need a Head Start? These can all be done in the first five minutes of a run. (Tested. Tip thanks to this comment)
  • Leet: If you have a premium upgrade, turn it off to start a game with 0 coins.
  • Equality: In case you have one alignment playtime much longer than an other: restart and do it after Reincarnating, play times will be reset to zero. When two alignments are one minute apart, the third can be done while offline.
  • Mana Matrix: Be careful not to skip 4767 mana. When close to 4k mana, it is recommended to buy buildings one by one.
  • That Excavated Quickly: Can be done at R17. Make sure to keep your excavations low until you have enough gems to excavate 1000 times, make a save file, abdicate, and then try go for the trophy. - Undo if unsuccessful and try again later. Suggested 200 Tvg (2E74) gems and no excavations (use Lightning Forge to get Faction Coins). After abdicating, quickly get the Druid Bloodline, and any alignment to unlock Halls of Legends for income. Possible at R15 with 1.5 Dvg (1.5E69) gems and Elven Bloodline.
  • No Recruiting: Requires R21, where it can be reached in 3-4 hours using U-Fairy R21 from Research Builds. There's no need to explicitly chase after this trophy as it will likely come naturally (~R30) if you keep relying on optimized research builds.
  • Stoic Resistance: possible at R33 in less than 1 hour with fairy and fairy bloodline. Can be done in 2-3 hours at R30, the same way as at R33, and within 30 minutes at R30 with Excavations.
  • Spell Cataclysm: Use dragon-faceless with Dragon Challenge 3 unlocked, needs R54.
  • Helden Sterben Nicht: You need to wait for a few seconds as mercenary and undead before abdicating for the trophy to register.
  • Mana Waste: Mana regen gained from spell effects, directly or indirectly, counts for this trophy. This includes W205 and fairy choir + shapeshifting/magical treasure.
  • Van!shment: This is very easy from around R29 with an Undead/Drow Research build, as Undead (2,2) Unholy Ritual and Undead (3,3) Resilience provide good offline bonuses. You will want A55, and note that S270 and D400 give you offline bonus as well. Fast Forward and Nonexistent Ruler secret upgrades may also help, as well as Sun Force.
  • Coin Pillage: With autocasting upgrade and mana at 30 x Tax Collection cost (standard 6000) just autocast Tax Collection.
  • Prismatic Mana: Requires R40+. Only counts the 9 faction-specific spells for the 9 vanilla/neutral factions. Can be done with Mercenaries. Repeated Abdications can be used to circumvent the long timer for Brainwave.
  • Ascension can render No Recruiting and Stoic Resistance disproportionately difficult to obtain because they retain their original gem requirements and gems are not quickly restored to pre-Ascension levels. No Recruiting will jump from trivial at R39 to impossible until the equivalent of R75. Stoic Resistance may require a similar wait, or the use of Rubies to buy Gem Conversions to circumvent the abdication restriction.
  • Autoclicker: Offline automatic clicks from the Sturdy Treasure series of upgrades are counted.

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