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In-game description:

"The Winterly spirits believe in absolute order and perfect organization. They are incredibly meticulous about details and hate last-minute changes."

Winterly are introduced as Event Faction during the Summer Festival Event and stack with every other faction. Affiliating with the Winterly faction will provide steady growing bonuses to your production and will prevent any contact from and to Summeraan until you break your alliance.

  • Alignment: All
  • Unlock Requirements: Event Faction
  • Faction spell: Hailstorm - Increase the production of all buildings based on Hailstorm activity time for 2m. Bonus provided increases progressively over the duration of the spell.
  • Spell Trophy & Upgrade: None

Upgrades Edit

Summeraans have only a tier of upgrades

Name Cost Effect
Winterly Alliance
Winterly Alliance 400 Frost Orbs Unlocks Summeraan Upgrades
Glaciality 800 Frost Orbs Increase the production of all buildings based on the time spent affiliated with the Winterly.
Permafrost 1,300 Frost Orbs Increase assistants production based on the total amount of Frost Orbs collected during the event.
Cold Blood 2,000 Frost Orbs Spell durations are increased by 100%.

Unique Building & Research Edit

In 2016 Event Winterly had no Unique Building or Research